FOUR Singapura, a Sanskrit name for Singapore meaning Lion City, was in use in the late fourteenth century. My cozying up to Singapore wasn’t based solely on hearsay or friends’ eyewitness accounts but on textbook intimacy of the place. I was introduced to Singapore at a young, impressionable age in my geography and history classes. … Continue reading CRAZY AMERICANS – Chapter Four


THREE One of the reasons I moved in to live with Father was the real possibility to follow him and the family to Singapore after high school graduation. Yes, Singapore! And there, maybe Seventh Uncle would look on me mercifully and generously and deem me worthy of his investment. After all, Seventh Uncle and his … Continue reading CRAZY AMERICANS – Chapter Three


TWO I graduated from high school a year after my country, Malaya, won her independence from Great Britain—1957. As a young independent nation, Malaya could rely on her abundant natural resources and strong political allies nearby to forge ahead. I had no natural resources or allies to realize my dreams or forge ahead. The best … Continue reading CRAZY AMERICANS – Chapter Two

CRAZY AMERICANS – Chapter One (available at

CRAZY AMERICANS  by Stephen Ling  PROLOGUE By way of introducing this book… I have always wanted to write this book since I was an aspiring journalism student at the University of Texas, Austin campus, USA. Many moons ago. Many anecdotes in this memoir are recreated, some are revised, and they are not intended as an … Continue reading CRAZY AMERICANS – Chapter One (available at