(China-425) Feb 2, 2020 – What does the Year of the Rat mean to all the Chinese in the world?



Personal Note: RATS? WITH THE ONSLAUGHT OF THE novel coronavirus in Wuhan, China, since Jan 20, 2020, and reports that animals are responsible for today’s many diseases or virus around the world? But what a surprise to learn that in Zacatecas, Mexico, ‘field rats’ made the best rat soup in the world! Steve Ling, Jan 31, 2020

In Mexico, field rats are secret delicacy – Latin American Studies

Unlike the scavenging city rats better known for scurrying through garbage
dumpsters and sewers, field rats eat mostly grains and seeds planted on farms,
experts and rat-eaters say, giving them a higher nutritional value and a better

Oct 8, 1999 – The Boston Globe. ZACATECAS, Mexico — Joanna and Catalina Herrera, the co-owners of a small … taste very good and they’re good for you.” …

Chinese zodiac 2020: All you need to know about the Year of the Rat
Rats are quick-thinking, optimistic, and adaptable, which gives them the edge in 2020’s rat race. Read our infographic to see why.

Lau Ka-kuen andJoe Lo
24 Jan, 2020 China Daily

In Chinese culture, rats are used to symbolise wealth and surplus. Traditionally married couples would pray to these rodents hoping some of their reproductive success would rub off on them. Rats are found all over the world and regarded in the Chinese zodiac as being smart and nimble with plenty of vitality and enterprising spirit.

People born in Rat years are said to share some of these characteristics. Being optimistic and energetic they win over many friends. They are kind but can be poor communicators, which means they can inadvertently seem brash. They are not the reticent people they might seem, and although they are very excitable they can control their high spirits but will fight for their beliefs whatever the circumstances.

Financially they like saving and can be stingy. However, their love for hoarding will sometimes cause them to waste money on unnecessary things.

Rat year elements
Each zodiac sign is associated with one of the five elements, contributing to different personality types.
Anatomy of a rat
Click on your birth year for your Chinese zodiac animal.
Notable rats

Independent and imaginative, those born in Rat years thrive as authors, and artists. Attention to fine detail makes Rats ideal for scrupulous work, such as editors. They are also known for their stubborn streak which makes them ideally suited as civil rights activists.

Alert but often lacking courage, Rats are usually discouraged from becoming entrepreneurs or taking on leadership and political positions. Although Rats make good financial decisions, investing with close friends invariably causes money problems, and can ruin friendships.

Lucky things
Unlucky things


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