(China-415) January 22, 2020 – First Charity Store in Shanghai?

Charity supermarket makes debut in downtown Shanghai
By He Qi in Shanghai | chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2020-01-17 

Personal Note: Chinese people, including myself, a pure breed Chinese…many have this strange belief or action that when you die, we will destroy anything and everything that might belong to you. So after a funeral, a family will burn them all…As a Chinese and as an American, we in America, try to salvage all the usable personal things of the deceased and give them away to people who can use them. When I first came to the USA, I could not believe many of my fellow American white students would donate their expensive clothes to Charity Stores (called The Salvation Army stores in USA)…and in return would buy the assortments of things the stores offer to the public. So where do the thousands of things the stores are selling to us at a very cheap price? Clear the house when someone moves away, or when someone dies, or when there are too much of everything in the houses..I am in the process of doing just that…But in USA, we do not burn them or destory because someone dies so we destroy all his or her personal things. We give them or donate them to charity stores, so others could use them. This is America…and China is learning it…what is wrong? Steve, peace, usa, Jan 22, 2020   stephenehling@hotmail.com   blog – https://getting2knowyou-china.com




The charity store on Fuzhou Road near the Bund in Shanghai’s Huangpu district is operated by the country’s first online-to-offline charity market website Buy42. [Photo by He Qi/chinadaily.com.cn]

A supermarket operated by the country’s first online-to-offline charity market website Buy42 recently opened on Fuzhou Road near the Bund in Shanghai’s Huangpu district.

The first of its kind in the city’s downtown area, the supermarket sells daily necessities including apparel, shoes, laundry detergent, decorations and toys that are 30 percent cheaper than their market price.

All items in the supermarket, which measures about 200 square meters, have been donated by enterprises and citizens, and the revenue generated will be used to help the needy within the community, according to the store management. It also sells products handmade by the disabled. Customers can place order online through the store’s official account and have it delievered by mail or pick it up from the physical store.

In addition, the supermarket has set up a volunteer service platform inviting local residents to volunteer their help for those in need in the local committee, as well as a training base for the disabled that provides training and employment opportunities.
Charity stores have mushroomed across the city in recent years as the public has come to embrace “charity as an attitude and a way of life”, according to Buy 42.

According to the 2019 annual report of Buy42, the company has since its establishment in 2011 set up 18 offline charity supermarkets in Shanghai, with two more stores scheduled to be opened in the near future.

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