(International-284) December 29, 2019 – Are foreign students getting better treatment in China than locals?


Personal Note: When I was a visiting professor in China, I visited another school in Fujian Province…I remember the students were telling me that the dormitory for the foreign students had better facilities. That I remember…I did not ask if the students had to pay more to live in this better dormitory. So there could be a different treatment for foreign students in China…Peace, steve, usa December 29, 2019  stephenehling@hotmail.com   blog – https://getting2knowyou-china.com

There are no ‘super-nationals’ on campus
By Zhang Zhouxiang | China Daily | Updated: 2019-12-17

On Friday, central China’s Wuhan University announced its decision to expel 92 international students for various reasons. China Daily writer Zhang Zhouxiang comments:

Some of the students were expelled for having failed to register within the stipulated time, some for being absent from various activities without submitting leave applications and some for failing in their academic courses. Given the circumstances, Wuhan University has done its best to avoid a scenario in which the international students perform poorly in the exams.

Reports say the university had warned the students in question almost a year ago regarding their shortcomings and even tried to contact them. But when its repeated efforts made no difference, they were forced to expel the students.

And the university applied equal yardsticks, irrespective of the influence some of the students have. A female student from Ukraine, who has participated in many TV programs, was expelled because she applied for a PhD program but could not finish her dissertation.
The university has also addressed rumors that Chinese colleges treat international students like “supernationals”, leaving domestic students feeling they are treated unfairly. By strictly enforcing the disciplinary measures for the overseas students, the university has shown that it treats all its students equally. The case is also an example of how rules are taken seriously in Chinese universities-all violators face their due penalty irrespective of nationality.

Such strict regulations are also a good move for overseas students who are diligent. Otherwise, even one idle foreign student can give the entire foreign students group a bad name by leaving a bad impression on potential employers.

And such an impression could cast a cloud on the prospects of overseas students who actually work hard. Such strict and fair enforcement of the rules will also ensure that those overseas students who work hard will not have to pay for the indiscipline of others.


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