(China-389) December 2, 2019 – Look to Taiwan for their high tech products!


Personal Note: Yes, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan and also Singapore are important centers of high tech focus and productivity. It is interesting to note many mainland Chinese would go to China on major holidays to busy Japanese superior products made there. Today they are doing the same, they would go to Taiwan to buy their superior products. Steve, peace, USA December 2, 2019  stephenehling@hotmail.com   blog – https://getting2knowyou-china.com


It has been a long road to the top for Taiwan, but reputation is everything in the world of business – and it’s starting to pay off.

Over recent decades, Taiwan has cultivated a culture of excellence that has seen it transform into a global leader in research and development and manufacturing.
Starting as a producer of low-value goods such as textiles and toys, Taiwan moved into basic electronic components and eventually semiconductor manufacturing, rapidly establishing itself as a major part in the world’s technology value chain.
As Taiwan became a major exporter of high-quality and innovative products Taiwan launched the “Taiwan Excellence Award” to recognise and celebrate the very best products that represent “made in Taiwan”.
Every year, the winning products provide a vision, not only of Taiwan’s economy, but also of the latest technologies changing the ways we live and work.

Robotic Arm: TM12
Similar to the way humans interpret the world around them, the TM12 robotic arm processes information based on what it “sees”, making it essentially a visual learner. This type of robot is called a “cobot”, or “collaborative robot”, so adept and co-ordinated that it can operate safely alongside humans in public areas without a safety fence. The TM12 can be trained to perform a wide range of tasks from assembling delicate computer parts to preparing coffee or cocktails.
The TM12 is built by Techman Robot, which has a reputation for building some of the world’s most intelligent AI machines. Despite launching only three years ago, Techman’s built-in visual system and innovative user interface are driving the Industry 4.0 revolution and greater synergy between man and machine.

Electric Scooter: Like 125 EV
Taiwan has the highest number of petrol-powered scooters per capita in the world, yet Taiwan is rapidly shifting towards electric vehicles (EVs) for the future of mobility. Kymco’s “Like 125 EV” is one of the latest EV models from Taiwan, with its boxy, retro look harking back to the ubiquity of the 1960s Vespa – a symbol of leisure and freedom.
This next-gen scooter revolves around the smartphone and a personalised dashboard with features such as road-focused navigation. Kymco has also worked hard on the nuts and bolts of supplying energy. The company’s Ionex battery charging and swapping system is clean and efficient, allowing on-board storage of three 5kg batteries for a range of up to 200km.

Agricultural Helicopter: Align Auto-Navigation Agricultural Helicopter (ALIGN E1)
Farming isn’t what it was and agricultural expos today are as likely to feature hi-tech gadgets as pedigree animals or new cultivars. Creating an industry buzz is the high-visibility Align E1 agricultural helicopter. All-electric means it’s almost silent and emission-free.
In line with Align Corp’s aim to “revolutionise the way agriculture is done,” the helicopter is built from hi-tech composite materials and carbon fibre. This makes it light, very fast and able to complete jobs in a fraction of the time taken by traditional aerial vehicles, such as planes and full-sized helicopters, with internal combustion engines.

Smartphone Recycling: MRS Mobile Phones Recycling Inspection Kiosk
Outdated mobile phones are a major source of e-waste, discarded and disused once a newer model is launched. To address this problem, Arbor Technology Corp’s mobile recycling system (MRS) kiosk is a customer-friendly, one-stop solution to address the problem of old phones and e-waste.
In 10 minutes it can run through a series of hardware, software, cosmetic and battery tests to come up with a fair price for the phone, provide a report certificate and even a quote for a rebate on a new phone. It can also tell whether the phone is stolen and improve transparency when it comes to the recycling process.

Electric Mountain Bike: Trance E+ SX Pro
Taiwan is known as the “Bike Kingdom” as it produces many of the world’s high-end bicycles and parts. But change is constant and just like cars and scooters, the bicycle industry is electrifying, so Taiwan’s major cycle manufacturers such as Giant are producing e-bikes.
Having already dominated the road bike environment, Giant is betting on the off-road sports and leisure market with the Trance E+ SX Pro. High performance is a given with the company’s SyncDrive Pro motor technology, but many of the bike’s innovative features are supposed to be felt rather than seen. Maestro rear suspension technology, allied to an ingenious aluminium frame, helps manage potholes and absorb bone-shaking shocks on mountain trails.

Underwater Drone: Seadragon XLR
The Seadragon is a battery-powered unmanned submarine operated with a joystick, tablet or even Xbox controller. It wouldn’t look out of place as a gadget in a James Bond movie, with its eight highly manoeuvrable thrusters and optional robotic arm for grabbing objects. The camera is ultra-low latency, and 1080p HD video, so the images are crisp and clean.
The remotely operated vehicle (ROV) from Thunder Tiger Corp can dive to depths of 300m and stay submerged for hours, making it ideal for marine research, underwater rescue or surveillance. It also has an interchangeable module design, so it can be customised according to the mission.

Electric Vehicle Charging: Delta AC Mini Plus
With electric cars slowly taking over the streets, the need for future-proof vehicle charging infrastructure is already here. Enter the Delta AC Mini Plus, an easy-to-install EV charging solution that works with a range of charging sockets and current options to meet the specs of a variety of vehicles.
Designed for residential areas and commercial buildings, car parks and car fleets, the Mini Plus uses radio-frequency identification (RFID) for identification and has an easy to use interface. Delta Electronics was founded in 1971 and made basic electronic components, but like many Taiwan companies it has never stopped evolving. Today, its mission is to “provide innovative, clean and energy-efficient solutions for a better tomorrow.”

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Taiwan Excellence believes that innovation makes a difference in everyone’s life.
Excellence means creative designs that we use every day on the street, at work, at home. It’s the things we touch. It’s the things that touch us.
Excellence means the technology that makes us healthy, keeps us moving, and gives our children a green tomorrow.
Excellence empowers people to dream amazing dreams, and live fuller lives. It’s the best made in Taiwan. It’s the choice of innovation.
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