(International-266) October 6, 2019 – Seduction – how to seduce women!


personal note: what is so ironic about this is that men should know the game well without having to take classes on seduction of women in the world? peace, steve, usa october 6, 2019   stephenehling@hotmail.com   blog ‘ https://getting2knowyou-china.com 

The Seduction Game
Warning: This article contains strong language and adult themes

BBC NEWS October 7, 2019 



Standing in front of the famous Savoy hotel in central London, I wait with a group of students as they finish handing over £600 to the founder and head coach of Street Attraction.
Eddie Hitchens moves himself centre-stage as the men arc around him for their introduction to bootcamp.
“Hi, I’m Eddie. I’m a heterosexual sex addict… I’ve been doing Game since 2005, been coaching since 2011.”
“Game” is a multi-million pound business where men teach other men how to pick up women.
There’s nothing new about men trying to pick up women.
But in this digital age seduction coaches are selling courses online on how to bed as many women as possible, as quickly as possible.
They are part of a growing global industry linked through a network of internet video channels with hundreds of thousands of subscribers.
In these videos and bootcamps, only the men are taught the rules.
The women aren’t even aware they are part of a game.
A game that can lead to persistent harassment on the street and dangerously blur the lines of consent.

Hitchens signals to the rest of the group to introduce themselves, including me: an undercover journalist posing as a new recruit.
It’s an international mix. There’s a chef from Amsterdam, a former US navy officer, a software engineer from Brazil, a computer programmer from Dublin, and a doctor from Manchester. Then it’s my turn.
“Hi. I am Michael Gibson,” I say, while fighting the psychological battle to remember my undercover name, “I am a ‘day game’ beginner who has recently broken up with my girlfriend of six years.”
And, just like that, I’m deep into the weirdest experience of my life: a journey into the so-called seduction industry.
October 7, 2019 BBC NEWS

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