(China-362) October 2, 2019 – China celebrating 70th Anniversary of the founding of the nation…Parade!


PERSONAL NOTE: Just like the 2008 Beijing Olympics…the opening event could not be duplicated by any country since then…the same is true of this spectacular 70th Anniversary parade of the Founding of the Chinese Commiunist Party of China! Peace, steve, usa, October 2 …I AM PROUD TO BE A CHINESE!


In pictures: China shows off military might at 70th anniversary parade
• 1 October 2019 BBC NEWS
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Deep-sea drones and an intercontinental ballistic missile were among the advanced weapons on public display for the first time at a parade marking 70 years of communist rule in China.
According to the Ministry of National Defence, about 15,000 military personnel, 580 pieces of military equipment and 160 aircraft featured.
Military march-pasts on a grand scale have a long history in the country.
But experts say this year’s display showed China’s ambitions to modernise.
“It was Russian and Ukrainian equipment at these parades 20 years ago – now everything is made in China,” Jon Grevatt of Jane’s Defence Weekly told the BBC.
“The technological advancement that China has achieved is almost unprecedented.”
 Follow live updates throughout the day here
 China brings out the big guns for birthday
Warfare has become increasingly information-driven in recent years – about networks rather than just systems.
This is reflected in the variety of unmanned systems on display in Tuesday’s parade in Beijing, says BBC defence correspondent Jonathan Marcus, “in many ways the ‘poster weapon’ of new-age warfare”.


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