(International-253) July 20, 2019 – A politician somewhere in Europe is using Pornhub to advertise his political career!


Personal Note: Why not? Use what communication tools that are legal and out there to get your message to potential voters in your country! He is the smart one! I assume many Danish people love to watch porn movies, hm! Peace, steve, usa July 20, 2019   stephenehling@hotmail.com   blog – https://getting2knowyou-china.com

Danish Libertarians seduce voters on Pornhub Danish Libertarians seduce voters on Pornhub
Sputnik | Updated: 2019-05-24

With the Danish general election looming on 5 June, libertarian politician Joachim Olsen has found a clever way of winning his fellow Danes’ hearts and minds — by placing a campaign ad on Pornhub, a popular adult website.
Online banners by the Liberal Alliance seen by Pornhub users now feature the smiling 41-year old politician with the caption: “when you finish jacking off, vote for Jokke [affectionate for Joachim]!”
“We must be where the Danes are,” Joachim Olsen explained in an interview with the Danish daily Politiken.
Pornhub allows targeted ads based on the public’s interests. Olsen chose to place his ad in the “soft” category, saying that he and his campaign “has tried to hit there, where Danes are the most”.
Olsen’s unorthodox campaigning has helped him bolster his profile, as his confession gathered over 1,400 likes and tonnes of comments, positive and negative alike.
“Joachim, this is nothing less than brilliant!” one commenter wrote.
Even the Liberal Alliance’s political rivals appreciated the trick.
“The only thing that annoys me is that I wasn’t the first one to get this done”, Anders Stjernholm of the green Alternative party admitted.
Others, however, were far less supportive. “Sick joke for people with a clownish attitude to democracy”, one person said.
41-year-old Joachim Olsen is a former world class shot putter. With ten straight international finals, Olsen holds the longest string of appearances in finals at Olympic, World and European Championships among throwers. He was elected to the Danish Parliament in 2011.
At 7.5 percent of the vote, the libertarian Liberal Alliance is a junior party in the government led by the conservative-liberal Venstre party. Its platform is based upon economic liberalism, tax cuts, and reduction of welfare programmes.

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