(International-244) June 19, 2019 – Ice melting in Greenland?


personal note: beautiful to witness but not good for the world and its climate…we should all be concerned about melting of ice sheets in Greenland. peace, steve, usa june 19, 2019   stephenehling@hotmail.com 

Greenland’s ‘unusual’ melting sea ice captured in stunning image
• 18 June 2019 BBC

With their sled in tow, a pack of dogs trudge towards a distant mountain range in north-west Greenland.
The stunning picture may seem typical enough of the Danish territory. What’s beneath their feet – a shallow pool of crystal-blue water – is anything but.
Last week, however, temperatures soared well above normal levels in Greenland, causing about half of its ice sheet surface to experience melting.
And the sea ice around the territory is, of course, also feeling this heat.
Steffen Olsen, a climate scientist at the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI), took the photo on 13 June as these warming conditions reached their peak.
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Mr Olsen and his team were retrieving equipment from a weather station in the Inglefield Fjord area. As they walked across the 1.2m (4ft) thick sea ice, water pooled on the surface.
On Twitter, his colleague at DMI Rasmus Tonboe later shared the image, telling followers “rapid melt” had occurred.
Because the sea ice is compact with almost no cracks, the image gives the impression the dogs are walking on water, Martin Stendel, senior researcher at the institute, told the BBC.

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