(China-292) March 25, 2019 – A filthy rich kid from China kidnapped in Canada!



PERSONAL NOTE: There are many stories of children of wealthy Chinese in mainland China living in western Canada. Stupid if you continue to display your wealth and your lifestyle…people are not happy with you and they will do anything to kill you or destroy you…you are a foreigner in another country…you should be careful how you display your wealth? Driving a white Lamborghini, a Rolls-Royce, and a Range Rover in a foreign country? Your stupidity and careless display of wealth would only get you into trouble…lucky if they do not kill you after they demand some ransom…I do not feel sorry for people like you…many stories are told of the wealthy kids living in Canada…you deserve to die if you are stupid enough to do it! Peace, steve, usa, march 25, 2019 stephenehling@hotmail.com  blog https://getting2knowyou-china.com  

Lamborghini-driving Chinese student Lu Wanzhen, 22, is kidnapped outside Toronto by attackers who shocked him with stun gun
• Police fear for the safety on Lu Wanzhen, who was ambushed in the garage of his flat in Markham, Ontario, on Saturday
• Investigators say no hostage demands have been made by the suspects
26 Mar, 2019 AP SCMP

A Chinese national studying in Canada was shocked multiple times by a man with a stun gun in a violent kidnapping in the underground parking garage of his condominium north of Toronto, authorities said Monday.
York regional police said Lu Wanzhen, 22, was walking with his friend toward the lift of the Markham, Ontario building at around 6pm on Saturday when a black van pulled up behind them after they got out of their vehicle. Three men got out and ambushed Lu, dragging him into the van.
Police said they have found the van allegedly used to kidnap him.
Constable Andy Pattenden says they are still extremely worried about Lu’s safety.

Two Chinese nationals indicted in California kidnapping and extortion plot

Lu, who also goes by the name “Peter,” is studying at a school in Toronto. He reportedly drives a white Lamborghini, a Rolls-Royce, and a Range Rover.
He and a female friend who had been in the vehicle with him were in the garage of his block of flats when they were ambushed.
Pattenden said the friend wasn’t taken, leading officers to believe Lu was targeted.
Security images show three suspects wearing jackets with their hoods pulled tight to their heads along with images of the van.

When Chinese bandits kidnapped a blond British bride and her pets

Pattenden said members of his family are on their way to Canada.
“We have been in close contact and communication with the police, urging them to rescue the kidnapped student as soon as possible. The police said that they are doing their best to solve the case. We have also contacted the student’s parents in China,” said a spokesman of the Chinese Consulate-General in Toronto.
Police have not made contact with the suspects, Pattenden said, and to his knowledge no ransom demands have been made.


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