(China-262) Feb 16, 2019 – Vocational ungrade in China by the central government


PERSONAL NOTE: DURING  my 7 years as a visiting professor in China, I was confronted with most parents about their thinking on vocational education…they believed their sons and daughters should go to college, not vocational schools, somehow they associated vocation training with someone who is not smart enough to enter university. Yet in UK or Germany, many young people would choose to study at many vocational schools because their jobs or careers are well respected in their societies…not so in China. But with many degree holders in China unable to find a job, it seems with the push and urgency by the central government, more parents might learn to accept the importance of vocational education in China because China needs more young people with skills to fill the many jobs and openings around the country. Parents should consider all alternatives to a college education, that China needs more young people with skills, not college degrees, to helpo China move forward in their economy.  steve, usa, feb 16, 2019   stephenehling@hotmail.com     blog – https://getting2knowyou-china.com

State Council releases vocational education reform implementation plan
Xinhua | Updated: 2019-02-14

BEIJING — China has vowed to cultivate more quality laborers and skilled workers by reforming its vocational education systems, according to a plan for implementing the reform issued by the State Council, or China’s cabinet.
Vocational education and training systems will be reformed to match with science and technology development trends and market demands and to promote economic modernization and higher quality employment, the official documents note.
All sectors of society, especially enterprises, are encouraged to support the country’s vocational education, it says, adding that major companies are welcome to run vocational schools and offer high-quality programs.
The plan details measures to improve national systems and policies relating to vocational education and lift the quality of both secondary and higher vocational education in the country.
Moreover, China will establish national standards for vocational education and ensure standards regarding teaching, education materials and teachers are well met, aiming to nurture and pass down “craftsmanship,” according to the document.
Under a trial system set to be implemented from 2019, students at vocational colleges, as well as universities that mainly offer undergraduate programs in applied areas, will be awarded an academic certificate plus diplomas of vocational skills of various levels.
In five to ten years, operators of China’s vocational education institutions, which are now mostly government-run, will be diversified and include more entities or personnel from non-government sectors, according to the plan.


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