(China-255) – Feb 6, 2019 – Rice Cake or Nian Gao for the Chinese New Year



Traditional rice cakes add to festive atmosphere
Updated : 2019-02-03


PERSONAL NOTE: The pictures you see are telling a different story or version of New Year Rice Cake in mainland China. My grandparents carried their tradition of making rice cake from Fujian Province to Malaya (now Malaysia) back in 1903. For years growing up in a farming village, I took part in the preparation for making Rice Cake…the Fuqing or Fuzhou way (two very important cities now in Fujian Province, China). First the family soaked the rice in water, then we had to ground it…collected it in a bag to squeeze out the water. A day or evening before the New Year…the family would be involved in making Nian Gao, or new year cake…I remember they would add brown sugar to it, knead the dough into a round shape of about 9 inches diameter, and steam it…and we would keep the cake for weeks, until they became moldy…because at the time we did not have refrigeration in the village…then the family would slice it, dip it in egg batter,  pan fry it…I could eat that for weeks…because it tasted heavely pan fried with a simple egg batter! So what I see here in mainland China, is a complete different style or version of the rice cake…now most people in the village where I came from are not making it anymore…one can all the commercial rice cakes, not as good as the traditional ones we made ourselves! Time is a changing…soon the new generation will lose all the traditions we were brought up with…peace, Steve, USA feb 6   wechat 1962816801 stephenehling@hotmail.com    blog – https://getting2knowyou-china.com


Soft and sweet, glutinous rice cakes are a Spring Festival necessity among residents in Wuxi, East China’s Jiangsu province.
Although urbanization has brought many modern resources and procedures to farmers, the traditional way of making rice cakes for the Lunar New Year still exists.
Snack stores and specialty rice cake shops from all over the city are busy making steamy mouth-watering rice cakes, adding to the festive atmosphere.
Workers of one traditional brand in Wuxi are responding to customers’ demands as Spring Festival approaches, working hard with the old methods. The Spring Festival, or the Chinese Lunar New Year, falls on Feb 5 this year.

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