(China-250) January 3, 2019 – Only the Chinese would make Snowmen to sell them to you!


PERSONAL NOTE: ONLY THE CHINESE would have the thinking and initiative to sell you what nature had recently abundantly bestowed to them, heavy snow, so the bright smart entrepreneurial Villagers in one village, decided to make the best of it and made snowmen, animals to sell to their fellow curious Chinese…a win win for everyone. THIS IS CHINA, the China I have come to love, admire, adore, envious since coming here as a visiting professor 2008-2014. And every year, I would make the annual pilgrimage to the land of my grandparents…I just visited Grandma’s old residence and his grave and my cousin brother and his wife in Fuqing, not far from Xiamen where I has a rented apartment. China continues to surprise, amaze and enthrall me…it continues to grow and expand in every sense of the word! I wil continue to return annually as long my health allows me to travel, to see friends, former students…and many are pursuing advanced degrees in USA, England and Australia! They are the future of China! USA will not be able to compete with modern China! Steve, China, January 3, 2019 stephenehling@hotmail.com   wechat 1962816801    blog – https://getting2knowyou-china.com

Enterprising Chinese villagers sell ready-made snowmen after rare blizzards hit southwest
• Locals enjoying the wintry scenes in Sichuan province have been decorating their cars with the creations, which also include animals made out of snow
02 January, 2019 alice yan scmp

A rare heavy snowfall in southwestern China has prompted a group of enterprising locals to start selling ready-made snowmen and “dolls” in the shape of animals such as dogs and pigs.
Sichuan residents have been visiting Longquan mountain, which sits on the outskirts of Chengdu city, to buy the snowmen made by local villagers following blizzards on Sunday.
The snowfall, a rare sight in that part of the world, coincided with the new year holiday so many families took the opportunity to drive up to the mountain and enjoy the wintry scenes.
Local media reports said they were paying around 20 to 50 yuan (between US$2.90 to US$7.30) for the creations, which they use as mascots for the roofs of their cars, Thecover.cn reported.
Sunday’s snowfall covered large swathes of central and southern China and while many residents took the opportunity to enjoy the spectacle, the blizzards also caused widespread travel problems, closing roads and train lines and grounding some flights.
The Chinese National Meteorological Centre issued a code blue alert – the lowest level of China’s four-tier colour-coded warning system – for Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Anhui and Hunan provinces.
Chill continues with 10 more sent to hospital – but warmer days on way
Freezing temperatures and heavy snow saw high-speed lines linking Hunan province to the southern manufacturing hubs of Guangzhou and Shenzhen suspended.
Bus services in the province’s capital Changsha were also suspended because of the snow.

While New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day remained chilly, forecasters said the weather would start to warm up in the next few days – presumably spelling the end for the Sichuan snowmen.
This article appeared in the South China Morning Post print edition as: Rare blizzard helps build Sichuan snowman trade


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