(China-234) December 20, 2018 -Louis-Vincent Gave, a French business man talking about China


PERSONAL NOTE: I was willing to listen to him…I was  uncomfortable from the start, as you can see from the topic of this public lecture: CHINA: myths, propaganda and realities! The moment he said that President Xi Jinping’s CHINA DREAM is about taking over the world, I almost did not want to hear anymore, because that is absolutely not true. After President Xi started using this term, some of the top thinkers in the world gathered in China to debate, discuss, explain, reflect on this new theme of President Xi…whereas the American Dream is very individualistic, the China Dream is a collective dream, the dream that all Chinese should enjoy a good life living in peace,prosperity and harmony, nothing about a hidden agenda to conquer the world! Sorry Mr Gave, I disagreed with you on this, and you went on and on doubting many of the Chinese initiatives to better the country for the country! And you almost question the fact that over 700 million people in China have said goodbye to poverty! Within the past 40 years of reforms and opening up! Anyone interested to listen to him, may go to YouTube and type in his name and you will hear his talk! Steve, usa, December 20, 2018 stephenehling@hotmail.com   blog – https://getting2knowyou-china.com 

Louis-Vincent Gave | Financial Sense

Louis-Vincent Gave CEO GaveKal. GaveKal is a financial services firm that offers institutional investors and high net worth individuals three different services: fund management, independent research on global macro-economic trends and events, and independent advisory work on China and its impact on the global economy.

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