(America-116) December 19, 2018 – Who is George Yip and his books and knowledge and experiences about China will help you to understand China better!!




PERSONAL NOTE: When I first came to USA, I often heard this: When EF Hutton talks, you listen! Now, people like George Yip, when they talk, you must listen because these are incredible people who have incredible knowledge and incredible experiences about what they are talking about: the rise of China in the modern world, and how China becomes the China to today! If you do not have time to read any of his books, go to YouTube and simply type in GEORGE YIP, and you can choose any of his public lectures around the world to educate or to warn us all of the critical role of China in the modern world. If anyone should listen to him, it is my president of the United States, because Professor George Yip has a lot of words of caution and wisdom for him…that is if he is willing to listen to anyone that might educate him, inform him and teach him a thing or two about modern China and what it has become…a huge modern economic dragon, about to swallow the whole world in its path. I am Chinese and I believe is about to take over the world…just last year, China has over a million patent filings, compared to about 600 thousands in USA. We Americans can boast of out GDP around 2 to 3 percent, China is somewhere near 6.5 this year! And you wonder why Trump is full of angst about the rise of China in less than 40 years…America as a nation has been here since 1776! Now China is trying to INFLUENCE Africa, while China is all over Africa with focus on building its infrastructures! President Xi and his top men have visited and continue to visit Africa time and time again. President Trump sent his wife recently to Africa for a holiday! You wonder why China is everywhere and continue to share their win-win economic endeavors and strategies all over the world! I am saying this not because I am a Chinese. Some moons ago, I told my students in America to visit the nearest port and to report to me where the ships were coming from, and if “you are smart, you should forget studying Spanish, but start learning Chinese”…and “I am saying this to you not because I am Chinese but because that is how the world is”! I said this over a decade ago to my American students!! Yes, if you know Some Chinese, China is the place to be now! Once all roads led to Rome, now many roads are converging on China, everyone wants to go there to enjoy some crumbs under the table, because everyone in this world wants a piece of the huge economic pie that is Modern China! To to YouTube and click on George Yip and maybe you and Donald Trump can learn a thing or two of how and why China has become the superpower today, all in less than 40 years…and China Daily Daily printed an edited version of my essay to celebrate this year THE 40TH ANNIVERSARY OF CHINA’S REFORM AND OPENING UP because of one man, Paramount Leader Deng Xiaoping! Steve, USA, December 19, 2018 stephenehling@hotmail.com    blog – https://getting2knowyou:china.com


George Yip (born 24 September 1947)[1] is a research specialist in global strategy and marketing and Professor of Management and Co-Director, Centre on China Innovation, at China Europe International Business School, based in both London and Shanghai. He is also a Marketing and Strategy Professor at Imperial College Business School. His book, Total Global Strategy: Managing for Worldwide Competitive Advantage (Prentice Hall, 1992; 1995) was selected as one of the 30 best business books of 1992 by Soundview Executive Book Summaries. His latest book is Managing Global Customers: An Integrated Approach, with Audrey Bink, Oxford University Press, September 2007. His next book is Strategic Transformation: Changing While Winning, with Manuel Hensmans and Gerry Johnson, Palgrave Macmillan, January 2013. He serves on the editorial advisory board of MIT Sloan Management Review and other journals.
He grew up in Hong Kong, Burma, and England and was educated at Dover College, and Magdalene College, Cambridge University in UK. An MBAfrom Harvard Business School, Yip is also a ‘Doctor of Business Administration’ in Business Policy from Harvard Business School where he was supervised by Prof. Michael E. Porter.
He retired in 2011 as Dean of Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University. He was previously Professor of Strategic and International Management and Associate Dean at London Business School, and the Chair of Marketing and Strategy at Cambridge University, and has also held faculty positions at Harvard Business School and UCLA. He has won two “best teaching” awards at UCLA and “best research” awards from Business Horizons (2000) and Journal of International Marketing (2000). The Times Higher Education Supplement ranked him among the 12 most successful academic consultants in the UK in any discipline (2006).
George Yip’s business experience spans from marketing and product management to consulting and innovation. He began his business career working in marketing and product management with Unilever. He also worked in account management for Lintas. He was the Senior Manager of Price Waterhouse’s strategic management consulting services in the Eastern United States, and also a Senior Associate with The MAC Group in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Before becoming dean of Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, he was Director of Research & Innovation at Capgemini Consulting.
His current research interests are in strategic transformation, innovation, and global customers.


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