(Personal-38) December 10, 2018 – A letter and a gift of my book to the President of the United States this Christmas


Stephen Ling

Email: stephenehling@hotmail.com                           December 10, 2018


Dear President Trump,

After much thought, I decided to write this letter to you to wish you and your family a very merry Christmas.

My grandparents with their family migrated with a large group of the Poor of the Poorest from mainland China to Malaya (now Malaysia) in 1903. At the time the Malayan government was looking for some people to come and grow rice for a growing population. So they looked for the poor of the poorest because in their mind, the poor would be devoted to the task of growing rice in a new country. I was proud of grandpa because the first thing he did was to build a school to educate the children who were too poor to attend any school in China. Grandpa’s school, a replacement, is still standing proud in a little village in Malaysia today.

I studied hard and got scholarships to study in USA. I was invited to be a visiting professor in China 2008-2014. I spent three years writing my 6th book THIS IS CHINA, to share with Americans my knowledge of and experiences in China. With the book I will be going out to talk about today’s China, the China I had the privilege of knowing.

And this is my special gift to you. I know you are a busy man, but if you could read a few pages a day (most chapters are 3 to 5 pages average) you will learn a thing or two what life is like in modern China. All Chinese college students would be happy to tell you: avoid talking about the government or the politics. From elementary through high school to college, all students are told not to indulge in politics. Most Chinese would avoid talking about their government with anyone in public. They are told to focus on doing well in their daily pursuits and the government is here to help you achieve your dreams. THIS IS CHINA!

I hope you will have a memorable White House Christmas with your children and grandchildren, and the adoring nation. I cannot imagine having tea with the President in the White House sharing my experiences in China.

Merry Christmas,
Peace passion power,

Stephen Ling (signed)

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