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PERSONAL NOTE: This Christmas, I want to share this incredible family with 8 young and healthy children under the loving care of a mother who was determined to have all of them! She loves them all and tries to raise them healthy and be useful citizens of the country! What an incredible story for this Christmas, a time of giving and helping those who are less fortunate than we are. steve, usa, december 9, 2018  stephenehling@hotmail.com    blog – https://getting2knowyou-china.com

Remember Octomom? Well, Here’s What She’s Up To Now

Oct 24, 2018
Eric Sumner

1. Big Dreams
Nadya Suleman always dreamed of having a big family. An only child born to immigrants – an Iraqi father and Lithuanian mother – Suleman craved emotional attachment to other people that she never had growing up due to her lack of siblings. Her biggest dream was to one day start a family of her own and develop such deep connections with her future children.

2. Journey Toward Motherhood
Nadya Suleman’s journey toward motherhood began as soon as adulthood arrived at her doorstep. Shortly after she graduated high school in southern California, where she was raised, she embarked on her quest to start a family as a single woman.
3. Her First Love
When Nadya Suleman was in her early twenties, she met a produce manager named Marcos Gutierrez. He must have been a particularly charming produce manager, because she felt an instant connection with Gutierrez, one that was deep and meaningful. The two fell very deeply in love.

4. A Dangerous Job
The same year Nadya Suleman married Marcos Gutierrez, she earned a psychiatric technician license from Mt. San Antonio College and began working at Metropolitan State Hospital, a psychiatric facility in Norwalk, California. Working with mentally troubled patients is rewarding, but far from a simple task. And it would prove just as strenuous as it sounds for Nadya.

5. Disaster Strikes
September 18, 1999 was the day disaster struck at the psychiatric facility at which Nadya Suleman worked, and she ended up right in the middle of it all. Twenty patients started a riot, and the dutiful Nadya intervened. During the chaos, one of the female patients flipped over a wooden desk, and it landed right on Nadya’s back.

6. A Dream Postponed
Nadya Suleman’s work-induced injury affected her ability to work and caused her a great deal of distress and physical pain. The compensation she received helped her get by, but there was a bigger issue at hand. Throughout it all and before, Nadya was grappling with a challenge that threatened her legacy.
7. Bad News
After visiting doctor after doctor, Nadya Suleman and Marcos Gutierrez received tips on how to better conceive. They were determined to have a child, and as such, the two took every necessary step, just as instructed by different doctors. Even after all that, they still didn’t have luck. The constant failure began to lower Nadya’s morale.

8. The Last Straw
Nadya Suleman pressed the issue with her husband. She really wanted to have kids, and if they couldn’t make any the traditional way, they’d have to settle for an alternative method – at least, that’s how Nadya saw it. Her husband didn’t agree. Their different feelings on the matter was starting to drive them apart.

9. An Impossible Decision
The experience left Nadya Suleman with an impossible decision – stuck in the middle of a tug of war between her love for her husband and her lifelong dream of having kids. Would she stay with her husband and risk never having the kind of family she dreamed of? Ultimately, she decided to take the risk and run with her calling.

10. Nothing Comes Free
In vitro fertilization isn’t a particularly complicated process, but despite becoming increasingly popular, it doesn’t have a 100 percent success rate. Another reason it hasn’t yet been widely adopted by the general public? It’s a particularly expensive operation. None of these things phased Nadya Suleman, who had already grown tired of failure.

11. Worth The Risk
The other factor for Nadya Suleman to consider before deciding to run with IVF was one that had the ability to totally change her life. In placing multiple eggs in the mother’s uterus, IVF opens the possibility that more than one egg could make it through the fertilization process, meaning the mother could end up giving birth to more than one baby.

12. Welcome, Baby Elijah!
The potential to become pregnant with more than one child isn’t always considered a risk – for someone who is hoping for twins or triplets, for example, it can be a useful tool. Nadya Suleman wasn’t necessarily expecting anything like that, but the results of her IVF procedure were truly astonishing.

13. Babies, Babies, Babies!
A year after her first child was born, Nadya Suleman had a daughter named Amerah. The IVF worked so well, and Nadya’s thirst for having babies wasn’t yet quenched. She had such a positive experience with it that, after some time passed, she decided to continuethe treatments, eventually ending up with fraternal twins and two more children – that’s six in total!

14. A Ceiling-Shattering Decision
It was the year 2008 when Nadya Suleman would do something that would transform her from single mother of six to national celebrity. Her six existing kids weren’t enough for her, and she turned to the doctor who had overseen all of her procedures, Dr. Michael Kamrava, for another IVF treatment.

15. Six More Babies?
Dr. Michael Kamrava was hesitant to comply at first, by his own account, but ended up implanting all six leftover eggs at Nadya Suleman’s request. Nadya was adamant and persistent. She didn’t want any of the embryos to go to waste under any circumstances, even if it meant having multiple babies.

16. Octuplets On The Way
Dr. Michael Kamrava’s implanting such a high number of embryos is unprecedented and a radical departure from medical-community standard practice, but Nadya Suleman didn’t regret it one bit. Where others would be terrified, she was excited. It turns out eight of the 12 embryos stuck, and Nadya became pregnant with eight children at once.

There is a difference, though, between what a person desires and what they can actually handle. And that was the central question: Was Nadya Suleman physically able to give birth to eight babies at once, after already having done so six times before? She’d find out soon enough.

17. ‘Octomom’
The strenuous nine months of Nadya Suleman’s pregnancy certainly took a toll on her body. Eight babies at once is clearly far more than the average woman could handle. Indeed, the media caught onto the story fairly quickly, and Nadya became a viral sensation. That’s how her nickname, “Octomom,” was born.

18. Successful Delivery
Soon enough, the moment of truth arrived for Octomom. When it actually came time to deliver, Nadya Suleman’s pregnancy turned out to be a healthy one and all of her octuplets were born safely. What a relief it must have been for Nadya. It was a sight to behold, and the whole world did.

19. Attention On Octomom
Nadya Suleman’s incredible story captivated the world and, more specifically, the medical community. Shortly after she gave birth to eight adorable babies, doctors all over were trying to get a piece of her. It wasn’t yet common knowledge that Dr. Kamrava had walked Nadya through IVF, and just the mere fact that a woman’s body was physically capable of handling such an onerous pregnancy was a subject of great interest.
20. A Media Sensation
By the time her octuplets were born, Nadya Suleman was already a media sensation. Newspapers, websites and news channels – everyone was reporting on her pregnancy. The entire nation recognized her face. And while not everyone knew her real name, everyone knew her moniker: Octomom. Nadya’s plan was to attempt to control the story.
She intended to capitalize on the attention, too. After all her sweat and toil, why not make sure she’s shown in a positive light? Not long after recovering from giving birth, Nadya hired a public relations team so she could spread her story without losing control of it. That proved harder than she’d expected.

21. An All-Consuming Persona
They say fame changes a person – whether they like it or not. And for Nadya Suleman, the media attention never really let up. Critics argue that Nadya wanted to be in the spotlight all along – that it’s the reason she even had all those children. Nevertheless, Nadya had to balance the Octomom persona with raising her 14 children!

22. It Weighed On Her
Indeed, the media circus started to get out of hand as soon as it began – it was a far cryfrom her original goal of controlling the coverage. Nadia Suleman failed to get ahead of the story. She decided she would have to take more drastic measures to get her side of it out to the public. She had to open up about her struggles.

23. A Low Point
Even years after giving birth, Nadya Suleman was still a subject of national interest. As loud as her critics shouted, America simply couldn’t get enough of Octomom and her children. But the spotlight was really starting to bring Nadya down to the extent that it harmed her ability to raise her kids.

24. Trouble At Home
Throughout the relentless media coverage and national scrutiny, rumors started to spread about Nadya Suleman mistreating her children. After all, how could a single mother take care of all those kids by herself? Some asked. Child Protective Services were even alerted and decided to look into whether Octomom was in fact neglecting her children.

25. Eviction Notice
Just because Nadya Suleman’s home was good enough for child protective services doesn’t mean it was good enough for everyone – namely, her landlord. And, to be frank, he’s probably one of the only people following her story that really had the power to affect her life concretely. Apparently he accused her of violating her lease’s terms.

26. Desperate Times
Much to Nadya Suleman’s horror, there was no convincing her landlord: she and her kids had to get out. She had to find a place for her numerous children to live! She may have been a caricature to the media, but in her private life she was a loving mother. That, she has always maintained, was the real her.

27. A New Beginning
The pressures of the spotlight certainly got to Nadya Suleman, and when she finally recognized that, she decided to depart from it. The caricature she became was so different from who she really was that she could no longer recognize herself. She needed to make some changes so she could be a better mother for her children and live a happier life.

28. The Kids Today
Nadya Suleman’s octuplets are now 9 years old and doing well – specifically in the food department. All of them are on strictly vegan diets and seem to be loving it. It’s not something that’s necessarily easy to do as a child who constantly dreams of chocolate milk and candy, though.

29. A Guardian Angel
Now that Natalie Suleman is in her early 40s, her life is back on track and she’s ditched any questionable jobs. She has told several news outlets that it was a “guardian angel” who gave her the strength to move forward and put her “seedy” life behind he

30. Reflecting Back
Since Natalie Suleman’s major life overhaul in 2013, she has admitted that she was very “foolish, immature and selfish” to have brought so many children into the world without thinking it through carefully. She admits that she didn’t reflect on the possible consequences at the time. However, in saying that, she doesn’t regret one bit of it

31. A Modest Life
Raising 14 kids alone is no piece of cake, but Natalie Suleman is handling it all pretty well in her two bedroom apartment and living from paycheck to paycheck and food stamps. She even converted her office into a bedroom to make it a three bedroom. Natalie has told Daily Mail that she now feels “at peace” after all the hardships she endured to raise so many kids alone.

32. Sacrificing The Social Life
Mother of 14, Natalie Suleman is in a much better place now enjoying quality time with her youngest children, the octuplets Makai, Josiah, Isaiah, Jonah, Maliyah, Jeremiah, Nariyah, and Noah. Natalie wants all her kids to be proud of their mother and the woman she has become. She didn’t want them to remember her as the persona “Octomom” she adopted for several years. “I was forced into doing things I didn’t want to do because I was so terrified I couldn’t support them and give them the life I deserved,” she lamented to Daily Mail.
33. Live, Fight, Play
With absolutely no time for a social life, Natalie Suleman is a very hands-on mother. This means she knows each child really well. “They fight, play, fight and play again like any normal family,” she related to Daily Mail. She went on to say that some of her kids are shy and keep to themselves taking after her, while others are more outgoing. Aiden is also autistic but this challenge doesn’t deter any of his siblings from caring for their brother at all times. In fact, Aiden and Makai have and incredibly strong bond.

34. Holiday Season Fun
Despite all the hardships Natalie Suleman and her kids have to endure, they are a happy family. Natalie teaches each and every kid good values and virtues by getting each just one gift for Christmas and the other holiday seasons. “I’m focusing on raising the kids to focus on serving other people, to get out of their own head,” she told US Weekly.

35. Schooling
When Natalie Suleman has to send all her kids off to the first week of school, one can imagine that it’s far more stressful than sending just one or two kids. The 43-year-old shared her anxiety on social media with a picture of her octuplets posing just before the school day boasting their smiles and with their satchels in tow, along with the caption “Any other parents exceptionally stressed and overwhelmed by the first week back to school?”

36. De-Stressing
Being a mother to 14 young kids is certainly not an easy feat, and in order to deal with all the pressure and stress, Natalie Suleman likes to share her coping mechanisms, one of which is stealing an hour or two out of her busy schedule to work out at the gym

37. Spa Night
Natalie Suleman is all about being a strict mother, but that doesn’t mean she can’t be extremely fun either. One of her best pastimes is to enjoy a spa night in with her daughters and to document all the fun they had trying out new face masks and skin products.

38. A Chat With Dr. Oz
Natalie Suleman was invited to chat on The Dr. Oz show in May 2018 to share her story about how she decided to undergo in vitro fertilization treatment and how she became fertilized with 12 implanted embryos. Natalie also discussed her evolution from Nadya and “Octomom” to the happy and healthy dedicated mother she now is.
39. Luck Of The Draw
If you’ve ever wondered why you look nothing like your siblings, that’s because genetics are pretty fascinating and tricky at the same time. A luck of the draw some would say. Well when you have 14 kids, the chances of all of your genes being expressed in your progeny are high. Natalie Suleman calls this her diverse family and dichotomous genes.

40. Active Kiddos
Natalie Suleman’s octuplets are all raw vegans and love living the healthy life, and if that means participating in marathons they’re super down for that. Pictured here is Natalie’s set of eight after completing the Russ Miller Memorial 5k race in February, 2018.
41. Modern Day Heroes
When the octuplets aren’t running races to raise money and awareness for important causes, they work tirelessly on other projects for school. The kids were instructed to create poster on their heroes and created the most creative-looking projects. But perhaps the best part of the photograph is Caleb’s photo-bomb.

42. Putting Pen To Paper
What makes it all worth it for Natalie Suleman is the love she receives from her kids every day and on special days like Mother’s Day. She had to take s snap of all the special cards and handmade gifts she received from her kids. It’s the little things that make her feel so blessed.

43. Sister Act
Out of the 14 kids Natalie Suleman gave birth to, four of them are girls. She just loves bonding time with her all her girls and loves it when they share girl time together despite the age differences, namely Amerah (16), Calyssa (11), and Maliah and Nariyah (nine).
44. Family Traditions
Keeping with the family traditions is something very dear to Natalie Suleman’s heart, so that means the weekly Saturday family night is taken very seriously in the Solomon household. The tradition was created by Natalie and her kids. They call it “Family Fun Night.”
45. Dress Up Time
All Natalie Suleman’s kids are aware they are different to other families, but the octuplets embrace their uniqueness and enjoy school and fun activities together just like other children. In fact, they are all very talented individuals and Natalie is proud to share that. Who would have thought they’d grow up so quickly?!
46. Going Raw
Natalie Suleman posted this on her Instagram with the funny title “Could we be anymore vegan?” That’s right, the older six kids are not vegan, whereas the octuplets enjoy a raw vegan diet consisting of health shakes, organic kale, chard, collard greens, bell peppers, and red or golden beets. They also love home cooked vegan meals consisting of quinoa and sprouted lentils.

47. The Whole Familia
Capturing the whole family in one picture — yes, that’s all 14 kids and the mama bear Natalie Suleman — isn’t always an easy feat. So when almost the whole clan are snapped smiling and laughing away, it’s definitely one for the books.
48. YouTubing Away
As a self-made part-time counselor to help people suffering from substance abuse, Natalie Suleman thought it would be a great idea to launch her very own YouTube channel. The first video she posted was a six minute clip of her eldest daughter Amerah reading a letter she wrote to her mother for Mother’s Day at a women’s event in Long Beach, California.

49. Thanksgiving Madness
Even special times like Thanksgiving are moments Natalie Suleman educates her children to keep active and make a difference in the world. Pictured here are 10 out of her 14 kids who participated in the Turkey Trot five kilometer family run. We just love the team spirit and matching T-shirts!

50. An Internal Struggle
While it might not be apparent on the outside, Natalie Suleman has to endure a tremendous amount of physical pain on a daily basis owing to the injuries she incurred from carrying eight kids to almost full term. It’s very difficult for her to run because of the four ruptured discs in her lumbar spine, irreparable sacral damage, bilateral sciatica, as well as the peripheral neuropathy, but she soldiers on!

51. Little Natalie
Yes, once Natalie Suleman was a small little girl too. She shared this on her social media accounts to reminisce how she dressed up for Halloween way back when, smeared lipstick and all. This was all the way back in 1978 when Natalie’s mother dressed her up as a messy clown.

52. Cat Mother
Before Natalie Suleman became a mother to 14 kids, she expressed her motherly love for cats. She had over a dozen cats growing up, whom she jokingly calls her cat siblings, but there was just one cat that stole Natalie’s heart.

53. Looking Back On History
Now we know where Caleb gets his looks from. This picture is of Natalie Suleman’s mom when she was just two-years-old in Germany. This is a major throwback picture to 1940! This image might explain a lot about why some of Natalie’s kids are fair and some are of a darker complexion.
‘Octomom’ Natalie Suleman Updates Fans on Octuplets’ Lives
Sep 17, 2018
Will Gardner

Natalie Suleman, a.k.a. the “Octomom” of 2009, makes a new appearance on Instagram, showing how much the octuplets have grown since birth. The single mom of six children made headlines when she decided to have eight more children via in-vitro fertilization (IVF). Now, the kids are a little more grown and still cute as ever.
Natalie Suleman’s Octomom Story
Natalie Suleman was a single woman living in California when she began IVF treatments. She started in 1997 at 21 years old, and in 2001 gave birth to her first son. She continued IVF treatments, and had five more children, including one set of fraternal twins.
In 2008, she decided to have one more pregnancy, using the last of the embryos from her previous IVF treatments. She stated that she didn’t want any to be destroyed and went to Dr. Kamrava to have the last six transferred. However, Dr. Kamrava had more eggs fertilized that she thought and transferred twelve to Suleman, eight of which were viable. In 2009, Suleman gave birth to eight children and became the first mother of octuplets to survive in the United States.
Back to School
Suleman recently posted a photo of all eight children on their first day back to school. They’re waiting by the minivan, looking as happy and cute as they did when they had the national spotlight.
Natalie captioned the photo: “Any other parents exceptionally stressed and overwhelmed the first week back to school? I must admit six (yes I said six!) drop offs and pick upsmonopolize most of my day, as I am an official bus driver (but wouldn’t have it any other way lol). Per usual, none of the older kids want anything to do with taking a picture, as much as I begged!”
What’s Next for the Fourteen Suleman Kids?
Suleman has made many dramatic changes in her life since giving birth to her octuplets. At the time, she was criticized for using public assistance and having jobs in the sex industry. However, she now works as a counselor and is raising her kids in a happy home.
Suleman says she is glad to be away from the “dehumanizing and exploitative” work of her past and is working to be an incredible role model for her children. We hope to see more from Natalie and her eight kids, living the life of one big happy family.


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