(America-111) December 2, 2018 – 3 articles about the Famous Bush Family in America…death of President Bush, 41st President of USA




PERSONAL NOTE: Privileged Americans, like many privileged people in modern China today will go very far because of connections, wealth and opportunities! So the Bush family was no different…with wealth and connections the Bush children were able to climb the social and political ladders in America. Enjoy this articles about the rise of the Bush family, and what President Bush did when he was in China, before be became the 41st President of the United States. Steve, usa, december 2, 2018  Happy Holidays, stephenehling@hotmail.com

The Bush dynasty – the modern Kennedys
• 1 December 2018 BBCNEWS

George Bush Snr’s death underlines that while the Kennedys still remain the premier US political dynasty, the Bush family can also stake a claim to be up there on the top table.
With a grandfather who served in the US Senate, a father and son as former occupants of the White House, and a third member a former state governor, the Republicans have a family to match the Democratic Party.
George Herbert Walker Bush was born into a wealthy family, the grandson of a steel industrialist, Samuel Prescott Bush, who was named to a national commission on the economy by President Herbert Hoover.
His father, Prescott Sheldon Bush, was a successful investment banker who became partner at his Wall Street firm, and became the first family member to enter politics.
He was elected to the Senate in 1952, where he was a staunch supporter of President Dwight Eisenhower.
Prescott’s connections and wealth helped his son, George H W Bush, make a fortune in the oil industry before he entered politics in the 1960s and eventually became the 41st president.
The initial efforts of President Bush’s eldest son, George W, to continue the dynasty, were not promising.
His father’s name assured his smooth passage into military school, Yale and the oil industry, but the failure of his various business ventures prompted him to spendmore time in local bars than at his desk, complaining: “I’m all name but no money.”
If George H W was looking to pass on his political baton, a much more likely candidate at that stage was his son Jeb.
Jeb graduated from university after less than three years, while his marriage to the Mexican-born Columba, and his fluency in both English and Spanish, won over southern voters. In 1998, he became governor of Florida, an office he held until 2007.
Image copyrightGETTY IMAGES
Jeb Bush was apparently horrified when he first heard of his elder brother’s first political campaign in Texas, in 1994, claiming they had become a “People magazine story”.
Jeb has weathered family problems, including his daughter’s drug abuse, and had always – back in those days, at least – shrugged off any questions about the “big job”, saying his only concern was “Florida, Florida, Florida”.
George H W’s two younger sons, Neil and Marvin, have also used their family name to go into business, but, so far, have shown little desire to enter politics.
Election cliffhanger
Instead, in a scene worthy of the soap opera Dallas, which made his state famous, it was the Texas-based prodigal son who rode in to claim the biggest share of the Bush legacy.
George W’s efforts to transform his life had already included giving up drink, committing himself to Christianity and family life, as well as becoming governor of Texas.
In 2000, he set his sights on emulating his father’s greatest achievement.
That November, after a vote-counting cliff-hanger, George W picked up his Stetson and retraced his father’s steps into the Oval Office.
His brother Jeb’s state of Florida determined the outcome of the 2000 presidential race, amid allegations of impropriety and vote-rigging.

In his time at the White House, George W followed his father’s example. Both men dispatched task forces to the Gulf, but where the elder Bush let Saddam Hussein escape his clutches, the younger chased him into a hole.
When father and son spoke in turn at Reagan’s funeral, seldom had one family’s access and influence in Washington seemed so concrete and enduring.
And in late 2014, the former Florida governor Jeb Bush announced he was exploring a run at the White House, immediately raising the possibility of another Bush-Clinton rematch, this time with Bill’s wife, Hillary.
He was initially one of the Republican frontrunners but failed to shine and was eclipsed by Donald Trump.
Observers have not failed to notice yet another Bush son coming to the political fore. Jeb’s son, George Prescott Bush, first came to the public eye when his grandfather introduced him to President Reagan as “one of the little brown ones”, referring to his half-Mexican parentage.
He dipped his toes into the political water when he became co-founder of Hispanic Republicans of Texas, a pressure group aimed at getting more Hispanic candidates to seek political office in the state.
George P spoke at the National Republican Convention in 2000 and impressed viewers with his address in Spanish and English.
Then in 2014 he won his first election, becoming Texas Land Commissioner, thereby sealing the reputation of the Bush dynasty as a conveyor belt of political success stories.


George H. W. Bush – the foreign policy realist and ‘old friend’ of China
• Former US president remembered in Beijing for helping stop ties with Washington from going off the rails, observers say
• The trust and personal ties he spent years building often proved invaluable in bilateral relations
, 01 December, 2018 SCMP Shi Jiangtao
Shi Jiangtao


George H. W. Bush was a one-term president but he played a pivotal role in Washington’s foreign policy towards Beijing for decades and remains one of the best-known American names in China.
A second world war veteran and a foreign policy realist, the 41st American president – like other towering figures such as Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan – recognised the geopolitical importance of communist China.
Bush, who died on Saturday, is best remembered in China for his 14-month stint as America’s de facto ambassador to Beijing in the 1970s and his efforts to steer the relations through the aftermath of the bloody Tiananmen Square crackdown in June 1989.
Despite his mixed reputation in the United States, he is deeply respected in China as “an old friend”.
The title, according to diplomatic analysts, is usually reserved for other communist leaders or sympathisers, or aselect numberof world dignitaries – such as former diplomat Henry Kissinger and International Olympic Committee chief Juan Antonio Samaranch – for outstanding contributions to Beijing’s often tumultuous relations with the outside world.
Trump to Dalai Lama, how world paid tribute to George H.W. Bush
Bush’s legacy in China, they said, stood in sharp contrast to that of the incumbent, US PresidentDonald Trump, whose disdain for consensus-based multilateral cooperation and hardline stand on Beijing over trade and a slew of geopolitical differences had plunged the bilateral ties to the lowest point in 40 years.
Bush’s death, coming on the eve of a much-anticipated summit between Trump and President Xi Jinping on the sidelines of the Group of 20 gathering in Argentina, was a big loss for people who believed in engagement and friendly relations between the two powers, according to Tao Wenzhao from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

Amid an escalating trade war and what some say is the start of a new cold war, the meeting is widely seen as a make-or-break moment for bilateral ties.
“Bush will be sorely missed as a leader whose vision and confidence in a strong US-China relationship helped keep our relations from going off the rails, especially during difficult, testy times,” Tao said. “We really wish American officials and people could ponder the legacy of president Bush and learn from the lessons in our relations over the years.”
Pang Zhongying, another Beijing-based international relations expert, also spoke highly of Bush, describing him as a key diplomatic figure in the normalisation period.
“He left a lasting imprint on US-China ties with his tremendous job in forging closer relations since the early 1970s,” he said.
Tasked with helping break the ice with Beijing after Nixon’s historic China visit in 1972, Bush served as the head of the US liaison office in Beijing between 1974 and 1975, when he forged personal ties with Chinese leaders and diplomats, including late paramount leader Deng Xiaoping.
Often seen riding a bike in the Chinese capital with his wife, Barbara, Bush was criticised, including by Kissinger, as being too “soft” for power diplomacy and statecraft.
However, the trust and personal ties he spent years building often proved invaluable in bilateral relations.
Former US president George HW Bush dies at the age of 94
As Reagan’s vice-president, Bush was assigned to Beijing twice to deal with the most disruptive issue of Taiwan, which has often been a game changer in the relationship.
According to Tao, Bush’s May 1982 trip was of particular importance as months-long negotiations on a historical joint statement by Beijing and Washington on arms sales to the self-governing island were largely stalled.
“Although much of the details remains unclear, Bush’s meeting with top Chinese leaders and especially Deng, proved to be fruitful and paved the way for the eventual signing of the August 17 communique,” he said, referring to the third of three cornerstone bilateral statements for the normalisation of Sino-US relations.
On the second trip in 1985, Bush famously played tennis with vice-premier Wan Li, and also said that “the sky’s the limit, the door’s wide open” in terms of relations with China.


George H. W. Bush: the US president who always had time for his Hong Kong tailor
• Tsim Sha Tsui suit maker Manu Melwani recalls decades of stocking Bush family wardrobes with the finest threads
02 December, 2018 Naomi Ng SCMP

Before George H. W. Bush became president of the United States, he visited a small Hong Kong tailor’s shop hidden in an arcade in Tsim Sha Tsui.
“I don’t remember [his first visit], but he remembered my shop,” said Manu Melwani of Bush’s subsequent trips to Hong Kong.
The owner of Sam’s Tailor – one of the city’s most famous suit makers – then began a journey stocking Bush family wardrobes for decades to come.
“It’s a long history, I know the family very well. So I was very sad [at his death] because I’ve been taking care of this man,” Melwani told the Post.
Bush died at 12.10pm on Saturday Hong Kong time, according to family spokesman Jim McGrath. He was 94.
Melwani recalled being shuttled in and out ofhotel roomsamid tight security to take measurements and carry out fittings during Bush’s visits to Hong Kong as vice-president and president from the 1980s onwards.
George H. W. Bush – the foreign policy realist and ‘old friend’ of China
“We measured and we showed him some samples and we came out right away … just about 45 minutes,” Melwani said.
The Post reported in 1985 during one of Bush’s visits as vice-president that he had stayed at the now demolished, five-starHilton hotelin Central.

He was flanked by an entourage of about 120 bodyguards, aides and accompanying US journalists, renting out two floors of the building.
The earliest record the Post has of Bush in Hong Kong is from 1978, before he became vice-president or the 41st president. He visited as a banker on a business trip, according to an article dated April 23, 1978.
He spoke at a lunch at the Foreign Correspondents’ Club in Central, and fired the Noonday Gun along the waterfront in Causeway Bay, a cannon let off daily at midday.
One of the most memorable pieces of tailoring Melwani recalled making for Bush was a bespoke suit jacket with a unique lining.
Trump to Dalai Lama, how world paid tribute to George H.W. Bush
“When he came to see me, he asked: ‘What [kind of] fancy lining can you make for me inside the jacket?’ So I did an American flag. Just special for him,” Melwani said.
He remembers Bush as one of the nicest people he ever met and someone who helped hisbusinessgrow from a small family-owned shop opened in 1957 to one with a worldwide reputation.
Melwani and his son Roshan’s clients include an assortment of the world’s rich and famous. Three American presidents – Bush, his son George W. Bush and Bill Clinton – have all been customers, as well as late music icon David Bowie, Britain’s Prince Charles and supermodel Naomi Campbell. Photos taken with prominent clients adorn the walls of his shop.
“He always sent me a lot of good customers,” Melwani said. “When anybody asked him who his tailor was, he always mentioned my name. Go to Sam, he’s a good guy, he would say.”
Former US president George HW Bush dies at the age of 94
The last time Melwani saw Bush was about 10 years ago when the former president had retired and came to Hong Kong to give a lecture on a ship.
Bush and his late wife Barbara ordered suits and shirts for his children and grandchildren as Christmas presents, Melwani said.
Despite being one of the most powerful men in the world, Melwani said Bush stayed grounded.
“He was very down to earth, one of the best people I’ve ever met,” he said. “Very easy to talk to, always very helpful.”


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