(China-194) November 26, 2018 – Victory in recent Taiwan’s elections is making mainland China very happy!




personal note: COCO, DAUGHTER OF HAN KUO-YU, USING HER INTERNET HELPED HER FATHER WON THE ELECTION…HE IS A nationalist, that means, it is pro-China victory! steve, usa, november 26, 2018  stephenehling@hotmail.com

At the Taiwan polls, social media-savvy daughter turns her outsider father into KMT’s brightest hope
• Coco became Han Kuo-yu’s voice to Taiwan’s young voters
• Election campaign presence led to parallels with Ivanka Trump
26 November, 2018 Kristin Huang, scmp (73share)

From Kuomintang outsider to the man who broke the Democratic Progressive Party’s grip of more than two decades on Kaohsiung, new mayor Han Kuo-yu is enjoying the spotlight and he owes much to his daughter, Coco Han, for that success.
Coco, a 23-year-old senior university student who majored in sociology at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada, campaigned for her father on the streets and behind the scenes, prompting some to draw parallels with Ivanka Trump’s role in helping her father, Donald, to the US presidency.
Coco managed social media accounts for her father’s election campaign and, when Han’s victory was declared at the weekend, she said she would “lend my father to Kaohsiung”.

“I finally got tosleepfor eight hours,” she said after the polls. “I will go back to continue my studies and hope Han will work hard, and not disappoint people’s expectations of him.”
Kaohsiung was a traditional stronghold for the DPP, which was chaired by the self-ruled island’s pro-independence President Tsai Ing-wen before the election. Han, who vowed to make the city rich enough to stop young people from going to Taipei for jobs, became a figurehead for the defeat of the DPP.
During the election campaign, Coco Han was busy like her father, visiting and shaking hands with Kaohsiung residents from street to street, attending television shows, answering questions from reporters, building her father’s social media campaign and winning over supporters.
Coco built a digital team whose members were, on average, 23 years of age. They fostered an affable, avuncular image of their candidate for consumers of smartphone politics and sold his policies – hard.
Han’s followers on Line, Taiwan’s most popularinstantmessaging app, increased to more than 140,000, surpassing Tsai’s following in a matter of weeks. Coco also managed her father’s live feeds to prospective voters and replied to messages on Facebook, taking Han closer to as many people, especially young voters, as she possibly could.
In Han’s campaign rally, a short video message from his wife, Li Chia-fen, said: “You [Han] are the real hero in my eyes and to our children regardless of the election outcome.” It moved many to tears and it was their daughter’s idea.
Coco’s personality also helped bring Han more followers.
In May last year, when Han joined the race to run for KMT chairman, father and daughter appeared on television together.
“Will you dislike me if I fail?” Han, then 60, asked his daughter. “No, Daddy,” she replied. “I will raise you.”
That warm response touched the hearts of many people and the video went viral on the internet after “Han tide” swept Taiwan.

This article appeared in the South China Morning Post print edition as: Kaohsiung’s new mayor has daughter to thank


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