(China-190) November 16, 2018 – Killing dogs that are not registered in Hangzhou?



PERSONAL NOTESOMETHING strange and weird is happening in some parts of China these days. In a southern province, every year they would slaughter dogs for meat because it is believed to be good for your health. Recently Hong Kong city also went after dogs because some owners are being irresponsible with the dogs in public places. Now in Hangzhou? Why? It reminds of what Public Nuisance means in some parts of the world. Not long ago, too many poor, hungry children were begging for money and attention in some famous tourist destinations…the owners of well established businesses hired men to shoot the young people…many of them went into hiding, or avoided the tourist places for fear of death. I assume Hangzhou is becoming one of the top tourist destinations in China…and too many dogs running around are not good for tourism…is that it? I believe people who own animals should take care of their pets or animals and not allow them to roam the city streets freely…I do not know the whole situation in Hangzhou…here is the biggest story and irony for you to think about: More and More senior citizens are buying dogs, small ones, to keep them company, because many are neglected by their adult children, and so they have small dogs to keep them sane…one way to SOLVE THEIR LONELINESS in this uncaring world! What an irony, and now there are people out to kill the dogs because they are running loose here and there…animal owners should take care of their animals. When I was in college years ago, during all major holidays, many students would just abandon their pet dogs or cats…to roam the neighborhood! Life goes on…we should not have animals if we cannot take care of them…now or ever! I love cats and dogs but because I have to travel overseas, I avoided having them as pets! steve, usa, november 16, 2018   stephenehling@hotmail.com   blog – https://getting2knowyou-china.com


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