(International-162) November 13, 2018 – Natural disasters and the US-China trade ware are hurting Japan’s economy!


PERSONAL NOTE: TWO OBVIOUS FACTORS ARE IMPACTING Japan’s economy and the economies around the world. Natural disasters…no country this past year and now are immune from natural disasters…when I first arrived to study in America, I would hear people talking about Divine Intervention in human affairs, in other words, God is punishing the earth for various crimes humanity has continued to commit against nature, the earth and the planet…So God is punishing us for all the bad things we are doing to this fragile planet earth…like, earthquakes, monsoon rains, hurricanes,  typhoons, drought, famine, wars, etc etc etc…today, we avoid using such pronouncements because we are not Gods, we do not know what Gods are thinking, if there are Gods up there? But natural disasters are on the increase, stupid President Trump does not believe the climate is changing…despite the fact some places in USA will gradually disappear because of rising waters!!!!!!! Right in our own backyard! So, I feel sorry for Japan…once the 2nd most important economic power in the world?…remember only recently in the 1980s, every was MADE IN JAPAN, and now it is MADE IN CHINA, SOON IT IS MADE IN THE PHILIPPINES, HONDURAS, CAMBODIA, VIETNAM, ETC ETC ETC…EVERYONE is playing the game, to make, sell and trade…that is the essence of the world economy, but stupid President Trump wants to withdraw from the world…America First…thus the trade war with China, etc etc etc. Jack Ma, one of the richest man in the world in the world, his company Taobao just made headlines for making billions on 11-11 shopping day in China! He recently made a public statement without using the name of  President Trump…the Us-China war is STUPID, he said openly in China. Japan lost its place to China to be the #2 in the world…hope things will recover in Japan! steve, usa, november 113, 2018   wechat 1962816801   stephenehling@hotmail.com   blog – https://getting2knowyou-china.com


Japan GDP: Natural disasters hit economic growth
BBC NEWS November 14, 2018

Japan’s economy shrank in the third quarter as natural disasters hit spending and disrupted exports.
The economy contracted by an annualised 1.2% between July and September, preliminary figures showed.
A devastating earthquake and typhoon were among the disasters to hit Japan this year, and prompted the bigger than expected contraction.
The slowdown also comes as the US and China fight a trade war which risks hurting global trade and growth.
Economists polled by Reuters had forecast a 1% contraction for the three months to September.
Exports fell 1.8% from the previous quarter, the fastest decline in more than three years, Reuters said.
Japan was hit by several natural disasters over its summer, including one of the country’s worst flooding disasters in decades, an earthquake and a deadly typhoon.
The disasters disrupted factories and hit domestic spending.
Rising trade tensions and protectionism could be a drag on future growth.
The US-China trade war could hit Japan particularly hard because of its important role in the global supply chain.
Exports of car parts, electronics and industrial machinery are at risk of disruption if the trade battle escalates.
“Trade war uncertainties have begun to increase, we see some slowdown in Asia and that is gradually hitting Japan,” Kohei Iwahara, economist at Natixis Japan Securities, told AFP.

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