(China-178) China has built a few “western-style” cities…right in China!














SPECIAL NOTE: WHY BOTHER to visit Paris? We have Paris right here in China! Yes, developers have built a few western-style cities and they seem to be rather empty without too many new residents living there! Built for investments by many Chinese? Steve, USA, oct 29, 2018. stephenehling@hotmail.com   wechat 1962816801   blog: https//getting2knowyou-china.com


‘There is no need to go to France anymore!’ Chinese people absolutely love their knockoff version of Paris which has its own Eiffel Tower
• Residents of Tianducheng, in east China, gushed about the fake European town
• The £420mn development was built by a property group to house 10,000 people
• Its centre piece, a fake Eiffel Tower, is one-third the size of the original structure
• One resident said: ‘After I came here, I really feel the authentic European flavour’
2 February 2018

While millions of Chinese people are making their way to Europe and America to see the outside world, many of them also enjoy visiting the fake Western-style towns within the country – to pretend to be abroad.
One of the most popular places as such is Tianducheng, an elaborate town in eastern China that is supposed to look like Paris.
Chinese people apparently love the £420 million French-style development so much as they gushed about its ‘authentic’ European atmosphere to a reporter from Pear Video.

Tianducheng, in eastern China’s Zhejiang Province, has been built to look like Paris

Just like the French capital city (pictured), the Chinese knockoff town has an Eiffel Tower
One of them, a resident, was quoted saying: ‘After I came here, I feel there is no need to go to France anymore.’
While another person, also a resident, told the reporter: ‘Maybe I won’t be able to go to Paris, but after I came here and personally experienced the atmosphere, I really feel the authentic European flavour.’
A third resident, who claimed to have lived there for 10 years, said many tourists would come to visit the town during the weekend.
Situated near cosmopolitan Hangzhou, Tianducheng was built about 15 years ago by a property group.
The 164-acre area, dubbed ‘Paris of the East’, is designed to house 10,000 people in French neoclassical-style buildings.
All buildings are centred around a mini Eiffel Tower, the town’s crowned jewel.
The Tianducheng Eiffel Tower is about one-third the size of the original 324-metre-tall (1,063-foot-tall) landmark in Paris, which was constructed for the 1889 World Expo.
The French capital is by no means the only city which has got a wacky Chinese cousin.
In Shanghai, which is about two hours from Tianducheng by car, there are an English town, a German town, an Italian town and a Dutch town.
In Huizhou, Guangdong, the authority has built an exact clone of Hallstatt, a UNESCO World Heritage site in Austria.
The city of Fuzhou city in Jiangxi province is planning to build a copy of Shakespeare’s hometown, Stratford-upon-Avon, to express their love for the English writer.
Moreover, a new district, inspired by the old town of Hannover in Germany, has been built in the city of Changde in Hunan Province.
Many of these developments, however, later became ‘ghost towns’ – a sign of China’s real estate bubble.

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