(America-92) October 25, 2018 – Why is there so much fear living in China?











LIVING IN CONSTANT FEAR IS NOT GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH! Any psychologist or psychiatrist will tell you that!

By Stephen Ling October 25, 2018   USA

Earlier this year, 2008, I wrote an article about President Xi Jinping, praising him for his good deeds in trying to make China a better place for all Chinese, right or poor, urban or rural, all Chinese! And shared it with many friends in China. And the response was not good…in fact the majority of them told me to shut up or never ever again to send them anything of this nature…one professor said to me: you are getting me into trouble, you are getting my family into trouble, please do not send this kind of stuff anymore. One young college student, now studying overseas, cursed me and told me to fuck off, that I am getting him into trouble with the Chinese government. And on and on and on! Many just kept quiet without saying anything to me. Those who responded told me in no uncertain terms PLEASE LEAVE THEM ALONE!

Yesterday I was talking to a young female lawyer, who thanked me for helping her pass her UK examinations because she was there recently to advance her legal studies. Yes, I worked with her on her many papers on difficult legal issues…not easy for a Chinese to write them in English!! But she just told me she had passed everything…She attended the London School of Economics…well, I called her from USA to see if she would be happy to help a friend of mine who is worried that the local government might soon remove his in-laws from their old houses, to be demolished for new housing projects. The young man kept telling me that I could help by advertising this problem in American newspapers, etc etc etc. He is very naïve and ignorant about the Chinese government in China…nobody can help him or his in-laws when it comes to the Chinese government and what they plan to do with the old houses in the country. Yes, I heard enough stories about citizens unhappy with the compensation offered by the government, etc. Nothing new to me, it is happening everywhere in China. Government will sell the land for more money as part of their revenue, this is China…and they are not about to be generous in their compensation because you have lived there for ages! Anyway, I was talking to this female young lawyer, and suddenly out of the blue she said this to me: Do you know that someone is listening to our conversation? I might be in deep trouble? They might remove our social networking? We might never talk again? Yes, I was not stupid not to know that…

And just now, I was talking to a professor in Beijing…about what I read that in July of this year, the Chinese government has issued a report seeking 10,000 retired teachers to teach in rural China. We both understood the problem and China will have difficulty finding the retired ones to teach in rural areas, even with money. So I told my friend that I should write a letter to the China Daily (which had published my essay earlier this YEAR on THE 40TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE CHINA’S REFORM AND OPENING UP)…that it is possible many retired American teachers would be happy to help with the situation. I would love to go there because I grew up in a farm many years ago and wrote a book about it GROWING UP CHINESE. We were talking about some problems in China now, about how for example the city of Beijing are kicking out many migrant workers because they do not have hukou (residential registration) and they are left without any housing? Etc etc etc and suddenly my friend told me the subject is too sensitive and we should not continue with the conversation.

Why is there so much fear talking about crisis in China today? If citizens cannot be informed of the problems, how do you expect them to help the government on how to improve the social conditions in China?

I am glad I do not live in China, though I return to visit every year because my grandparents came from China…though I was born outside China.

So you know…Peace, Steve USA October 25, 2018

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