(China-163) October 23, 2018 – Born in 1981, a book a big deal in China



SPECIAL NOTE: Autobiography is very very common in America…I believe people want to meet him because he has a beautiful actress wife from Taiwan, and that he is good looking, too! Who knows why people buy your book? Ahahahaha…steve, october 23, 2018  stephenehling@hotmail.com      wechat 1962816801   blog: https://getting2knowyou-china.com 


Wang Xiaofei’s new book is a trip back in time
By Wang Ru | chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2018-10-24

Many people stood in a line, waiting to get an autograph from Wang Xiaofei at his recent book launch in Beijing.
Wang, known as a Mainland entrepreneur and the husband of Taiwan-born actress, Barbie Hsu, has been especially popular this year since he appeared in a TV variety show alongside his wife.
“I take a fancy to him because I believe he sets a good example of an ideal husband,” says 38- year-old Liu Shuang, one of Wang’s many fans.
She heard about the book launch on a WeChat public account and signed up for it immediately.
Although many people welcome the new book, Born in 1981, on account of their interest in Wang, he doesn’t just talk about himself in it.
“I don’t want to focus on myself. Instead, I hope to describe the life of people of my generation, to show an era and many things that are kept in my memory that people today may have never experienced,” says Wang.

From the book, readers can get to know more about Wang’s life, including his childhood in Beijing, his days spent studying abroad and how he fell in love with Hsu.
Speaking about Taiwan, Wang said: “When I chat with my wife about childhood memories, we find that we really come from different environments.”
“Over the past several years, I have found that young people in Taiwan are really lacking in their understanding of the Chinese mainland. Mutual understanding is very important, and is the basis for mutual development.”
“From this book, you will see a Beijing man who is sincere, sensitive, hard working and takes his responsibility to his family and career seriously,” said Chen Xi, editor of the book


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