(China-142) 6 top complaints about China by international tourists in 2015


SPECIAL NOTE: Here are the 6 complaints about China by international tourists: Taxi, pollution, traffic, language, scam, and toilet. Things have changed month to month, year to year…these complaints were in 2015. Since then, we have Didi or Uber in China and that helps with your transportation in China. Of course once you are in China, you can travel easily with buses and speed trains. Learn to ask for directions. Pollution: it depends which city or town. There are more factories in the north and along the coast. Slowly the government is trying to deal with the old factories, to be replaced with modern technology. Traffic, again, if you are in big cities, there are just cars cars cars and people and people and people. You cannot avoid the traffic. With language, there are many young people who might speak English to you, though they are very shy about it. Usually a hotel would help you with this, if you are willing to pay for a guide. Scam, you have to be careful with your money…scams are everywhere if you are tourists in any city in the world. The biggest complaint is the toilet…since then, the government has installed many western toilets for our convenience. Anyway, ability to speak some Chinese would be of great help. Steve usa september 17, 2018



Taxi drivers, toilets, pollution… Top six complaints about Beijing from foreign tourists
PUBLISHED : Thursday, 05 November, 2015 SCMP Celine Sun and Laura Zhou
After three consecutive years of declining inbound tourist numbers, China is launching a series of measures to attract overseas travellers, including easing visa arrangements, introducing a tax refund policy and upgrading toilets.
Visits by foreign tourists declined by 2.2 per cent in 2012 to 132 million, then by a further 2.5 per cent in 2013 and 0.45 per cent in 2014, according to the China National Tourism Administration (CNTA).
But tourists still have several complaints. Here, in tourists’ own words, are six of their biggest concerns:

“I took a taxi from the airport to my hotel and the driver asked for 480 yuan (HK$590). But when I checked with my hotel, I was told that the fee would be no more than 180 yuan.”
Xu Zhiyong, South Korea

“I paid a taxi driver 100 yuan, and then he gave me change of 50 yuan. But I was told the money was fake when I wanted to spend it at a shop.”
Tourist from Slovenia
“It’s not safe to take a taxi in Beijing. There are no seat belts in them.”
Alana Grace, Australia
“Yesterday we were looking for a restaurant, but the taxi driver said he did not know how to get there – even with the address in Mandarin.”
Philippe Robres, Spain

“The biggest concern for me is air pollution. But it was good last week with blue skies anyway.”
Kenneth Young, US
“It was very sunny and clear for the first four days of our stay in Beijing. Today is the only day we can see smog.”
Gino Mandarino, Australia

“Traffic in Beijing is a nightmare.”
David, Australia
“Traffic is very busy in Beijing. But this is normal in a big city. The subway network is convenient here.”
Philippe Robres, Spain
“Traffic in every big city is exactly the same, congested and slow moving. It does not worry us.”
Gino Mandarino, Australia

“Language is a problem because people here don’t speak English and we are not able to ask around. The same when you are in the subway.”
Julian, Germany
“Although some people don’t even speak English, they still try to help you.”
Gino Mandarino, Australia
“Navigation is difficult as we cannot find road signs in English.”
Alana Grace, Australia

“Yesterday I was here in the Forbidden City and someone wanted to rip me off. They took me to a tea shop where the prices were too high. I just left and that’s not a good experience for a tourist.”
Andrew, Canada

“The toilets are bad, but sometimes we have the same problem in our country.”
Eva, Russia


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