(Personal- 37) A chance to perform at the Tacoma Mooncake Festival September 15, 2018






SPECIAL NOTE: I was elated and happy when Professor Greg Yoltz allowed me to entertain before a live audience at the Tacoma Mooncake Festival this Saturday. He was the host of the day! I had 7 years experiences as a host of a Talk Show in China because I had wanted to entertain before a live audience. And recently I graduated from Tacoma Comedy Academy because I wanted to hone my skills as a speaker and an entertainer! In the coming days, I will going out to speak to Americans about China using my new book THIS IS CHINA!. Actually mainland China celebrates three major national holidays: the Chinese New Year, Dragon Boat Festival, and the Mid-autumn Mooncake Festival, when the moon is the biggest and roundest in the China! So, allow me to come to your gatherings if you need someone to cheer you up, ok? I stood in the Fuzhou Pavilion, built by the City of Fuzhon, as their contribution to the Chinese community in Tacoma, to remember the time in the 1800s when Chinese were literally driven out of the city of Tacoma because they were Chinese. Remember how how gathered all the Japanese in the west coast to camps during WW2? Even though many are American citizens? And now Trump is telling people like me, naturalized American citizens, that if we find out you had cheated us when you applied for citizenship, I will ship you out of USA! Hm! Unsafe at any place in USA today! Be proud of who you are, enjoy and celebrate your culture and traditions…America is a relatively new country and do not have the rich traditions like many of Asians in the world! Be proud of your heritage! Steve, USA, september 16, 2018 stephenehling@hotmail.com 

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