(China-140) Hi Change…your journey to Hanoi, Vietnam, reminds me of my invitation to teach in China 2008!

Change Parker

Leaving tomorrow to teach in Hanoi, Vietnam. New journey: leaving comfort for unknowns creates anxiety in me.change

Puyallup, Washington State, USA…Hi Change! I visited Beijing in February 2008 and saw the Olympics construction in progress! By the time I arrived home in USA around April after visiting Malaysia and Australia, little did I know there was an invitation waiting for me in my computer. An invitation from Xiamen University, Department of Journalism, to come and be a visiting professor. Then chairman of the department, someone who I had worked with for over 10 years after his return from research in USA back to the university, sent me a short description of what to expect once I arrived at Xiamen campus. Take a bus from the campus, then a boat, then another bus, then when you arrive at the gate of the campus, you ride a bicycle to the classroom. Hm! Short and brief and in my mind, I thought this must be a huge campus…bus, boat, bus, gate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  What a campus, I thought…the reality was different…it was an adventure…I chose then to live near where I would be teaching…not to stay in Xiamen campus, though John thought I would stay in Xiamen campus, and take the daily routine of bus, boat, bus, bicycle, etc. Anyway, it was an unforgettable 7 year-adventure to live and work in China…I believe you will have the same adventure to Vietnam, now that you are older and wiser…I was grateful for the opportunity to teach in China and I will forever be grateful to Xiamen University for allowing me the privilege to be in China! China continues to make the biggest mistake when they exclusively continue to look for NATIVE SPEAKERS, meaning, Steve Ling, we are sorry, we cannot have you because you are not a NATIVE SPEAKER OF ENGLISH! English is not my mother tongue…what a tragedy that China continues this policy if you look at many teaching openings in China today…ONLY NATIVE SPEAKERS MAY apply! The truth is, Change, most white people do not, do not, care to learn Correct English and many of my American friends are limited in their thinking and vocabulary,,,foreigners like me cared to learn English from A to Z..A student in a public school once said to me, why are you teaching English, you are Chinese! Aha! I told the class, my English is better than most of you Americans, that is why I am teaching English! Simple and direct! Xiamen University invited me to come…anyway, it is history now! I wrote my book THIS IS CHINA, and soon I will be out and about to talk about China to Americans who do not care too much about mainland China! They will wake up soon to realise China is about to take over the world! That would be a greater tragedy…enjoy your new chapter of your life, and maybe write a book about it, Change! Wish you well and may Allah and Buddha and Jehovah continue to guide us in all our doings on this earth! True happiness, to me, is sharing! Peace passion power, Steve USA September 14, 2018   stephenehling@hotmail.com   weChat 1962816801 

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