(International-123) Eddy Ong in Malaysia on the way to Thailand…



SPECIAL NOTE: Hi Eddy, thanks for sharing your leisure and pleasure travels…to Thailand, the land of my biological mother. Lone ago, Thailand, in northern eastern part of the Malay Peninsula was part of the same country. There was a lot of intermingling of cultures and traditions between Siam (now Thailand) and Malaya…I grew up as a kid in a small village in Kampong China (Sitiawan) and one of my nicknames was SIMA-YAN…literally child of Siam…and I was told my mom was a Siamese. Unfortunately for a while Phuket, Thailand, had a bad reputation for sexual activities…especially many Australians, particularly males, would visit this place…yes, cheap sex, as many of my friends would say, exploiting innocent poor young people or ladyboys…who were willing to sell their bodies for lots of money because of many white tourists jamming the place! I do not think prostitution has disappeared since the famous disastrous tsunami that killed many innocent tourists…anyway, we do know that Chinese in China are coming in droves to Thailand…for many reasons, one to buy land and buildings to live there…but also now a major attraction for many gay people from China, because Homosexuality is not legally allowed in mainland China. While in China for 7 years, I read many gay people moving to live and work there in Thailand…so, I am just being honest about Thailand, its image to the rest of the world: ladyboys and cheap prostitution … one of my best college friends in Singapore, became a rich man in Kuala Lumpur, went to Thailand often, and unfortunately he died of aids after many visits to Thailand…careless sex that eventually killed him…I visited him in the famous Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur…died a very rich man! Anyway I just want to share a thing or two about the image of Thailand to the world! and especially what Thailand means to me! Enjoy the clean fun…enjoy your holidays with your family…I hope to see more photos of you and your family in Phuket! Peace, Steve, USA September 9, 2018   stephenehling@hotmail.com  wechat 1962816801 


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