(China-132)A personal note to my dear colleague Change Parker!


A PERSONAL NOTE TO CHANGE PARKER: Someone just said you are looking better and younger. In America we would say you are like wine or cheese, it gets better with the passage of time! I did write something in Facebook but it evaporated into thin air, so I decided to write this using my blog. The first time when I was at a train station during a major national holiday in China…I was shocked to see many TIRED SAD-LOOKING WORN-OUT AGED FACES AT THE TRAIN STATION. And this happened a few times when I would be taking a train to visit someone somewhere in China. And these faces betrayed their true biological age…why so many younger men more than the women look so stressed and old! Am I dreaming or am I looking at reality in modern China…and soon I would learn everyone in China, especially if you a man, life is tough, rough, and most, especially those from rural China (more than 60% of Chinese are from rural China) and without skills or education, are in the race to make money, more money, crazy money, because THIS IS CHINA, the China I saw, tasted, witnessed and experienced during my 7 years as a visiting professor from America! CHASING AFTER MONEY written all over their faces, the faces of the young, new graduates, older men and women, and it seems many of them have no time for me…because they are obsessed with making money money money in China. CRAz Y RICH ASIANS is about the rich, but many Chinese are hoping to get there by whatever means at their disposable! And many will lead a sad life because, like in America, the rich get richer, the poor get poorer in China! So you look happy and younger in the photo! I once saw the face of Ryan Oneal, the actor who played the handsome young college student in LOVE STORY…my instinctive response…do I look that old? Because he and I have the same age! Like looking yourself in the mirror! Not everyone is as handsome as Ryan Oneal…hm! Don’t flatter myself! What is so ironic about age or aging is that we do not see ourselves ad growing old despite million times looking at our bathroom mirrors daily! Anyway, I am hoping you will be starting your new career and chapter of your live in Vietnam…I love Vietnam and I was there once and I would love to return for another visit! Vietnamese people are very soft-spoken and you will find it most agreeable with you because you are SOFT SPOKEN, IN SOME WAYS! I had the privilege of knowing a few Vietnamese in my life, in fact one just got married after his phd in California. He was so smart to get his uncle to adopt him so he could come to USA to pursue his future. His biological parents and siblings still live in Vietnam. Sadly China’s economic competitor today is Vietnam, a small country south of its border, for one simple reason: labor costs have skyrocketed in China, driving many countries, including USA, to go to Vietnam to make Cheap products with lower labor costs and sell them to the rest of the world! Sometimes friends, sometimes enemies, China and Vietnam are now fighting for your investments in this man-eat-man world! Vietnam is the NEW CHINA for businesses around the world…they can make things much cheaper in Vietnam than in China…that is why India and the Philippines are doing very well now! They have the cheap labor to compete with mainland China! Take care and enjoy your life in Vietnam! The world is indeed a small place. Peace passion power, your friend, Steve USA  stephenehling@hotmail.com       blog: https://getting2knowyou-china.com


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