(China-131) Theme park toilets in China!




toilet5SPECIAL NOTE: International tourists’ chief complaint about China has nothing to do with the Chinese cuisine, Chinese sex (abundant in China), Chinese language, Chinese cities, Chinese culture (55 ethnic groups all over China have much to offer hungry tourists and in fact the Chinese government encourages them to share their culture with tourists), Chinese history, Chinese economy, etc…main complaint is the discomfort having to use CHINESE TOILET, A HOLE IN THE GROUND…IF YOU ARE FAT LIKE MANY BRITISH, AUSTRALIANS (I HAVE MET THEM IN THEIR COUNTRIES) AND AMERICANS, THE CHINESE TOILET IS NOT FOR YOU…BECAUSE IF YOU SQUAT, YOU DO NOT HAVE THE LEG MUSCLES TO HELP YOU GET UP…SORRY TO BE SO BRUTAL TO SAY THIS…but these photos are about a theme part toilets…ahahahhahaah! Most tourists stay in fancy western hotels with western toilets, but it is when you are out visiting some places or restaurants or outdoors…you might have problem with the Chinese toilets…Western toilets are in major cosmopolitan cities…but when you go out to the countrysides, be prepared to squat or stop eating and drinking, ahahhahaha! I am Chinese and I have problems using the traditional Chinese toilets, etc! Good luck to you! Steve, USA September 4, 2018    stephenehling@hotmail.com   blog: https://getting2knowyou-china.com     WeChat 1962816801 


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