aug272018 I am with my instructor Cory Michaelis at the Graduation Night at Tacoma Comedy Club

comekdy I am with my best friend Debbie Davis at the club!

August 27, 2018 is GRADUATION NIGHT FOR CLASS OF 2018 at the TACOMA COMEDY ACADEMY, Tacoma, Washington state.

My first dream when I was an international student in USA was to be another JOHNNY CARSON, a famous late night host. I remember watching him night after night in college, thinking IF HE COULD do IT, I COULD DO IT TOO, MAYBE BETTER!

Nobody suspected why I initiated a talk show during my 7 years as a visiting professor in China…I did it for personal selfish reasons, because I always felt I could be another Johnny Carson in my life. So I hosted a Talk Show, primarily, as an excuse, to allow my Chinese university students to experience that very special freedom to listen to me and my Western guests (originally and initially), and to have the rare opportunity to speak their minds!

Nobody had that opportunity to express their views freely and openly, except in my Talk Show! But secretly I was fulfilling my dream of doing something on a stage, to speak and entertain the audience, to develop my skills as an entertainer!

Since returning home to USA after 7 years in China, I decided to enroll at the Tacoma Comedy Academy to further hone my skills…because I am in the process of preparing to go out to talk about China to Americans after my new book was published this March, 2018, now available at Amazon.com. I spent 3 years writing this book THIS IS CHINA because with the passage of time I become very concerned with the fact MOST Americans do not care about China…and whether we like it or not (I am Chinese but I am also an American citizen), China will soon take over the world, if not in this decade!

China, especially Made-in-China, and its technological advancement and innovations are spreading like while fires to all the corners of this planet earth…a power to be dealt with…and Since joining WTO (thank President Clinton for pushing this) in 2001, nobody could resist the spread of Chinese economic and cultural influences all over the world…some even declaring the Chinese New Year celebrations should be an international event celebrated in many countries in the world!

I want to improve my skills at the Tacoma Comedy Academy as a speaker and entertainer! Strangely, it is easier to be a college professor than to work as a Stand Up Comedian! But I love the graduation evening…and a dear friend was there, Debbie Davis, and she wrote this in her facebook after watching the show and my performance on stage: “Steve made his debut appearance at the Tacoma Comedy Club during his graduation. He brought down the house! Steve is naturally funny!” One woman’s review! She happens to be a dear friend of mine! But something did happen to my performance…continue reading!
Steve, USA, August 30, 3018 stephenehling@hotmail.com WeChat 1962816801


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