(China-120) Law students in China did not learn how to work on criminal cases while in law schools?


SPECIAL NOTE: I am simply surprised and shocked to come across this short report about the lack of training of young lawyers especially in dealing with criminal cases in China. I know of a few young law graduates in China…and they continue to pursue advanced legal studies at the moment. I believe all law graduates should do what most other graduates are doing after college: doing INTERNSHIP with some law firms in China. But what I see in USA could be a model for China, for example. Recently many law students would work on some COLD CASES, and using their knowledge while still as students, they have done enough research with their skills to help a few go free after years of being in jail for the wrong reasons, Yes, these students have learned or developed enough skills while still in colleges, to work on some cases…of victims wrongly imprisoned because of lack of knowledge at the time when these prisoners were accused of some wrong doing…with modern knowledge and technology, these students are able to open old cases and free some of them wrongfully accused of crimes they never did commit! That is what law students should do in China, but schools should have basic classes for those increased to pursue a career in working with crimes in China. I remember my legal friends told me everyone studies the same thing, no SPECIALIZATION IN UNDERGRADUATE LAW STUDIES. Steve, USA, august 21, 2018   Stephenehling@hotmail.com   WeChat 1962816801 


More training needed for China’s criminal lawyers, experts say
By CAO YIN | chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2018-08-19

Lawyers get their legal knowledge from law school, but that doesn’t mean they are qualified to defend someone,” said Zou Jiaming, an attorney from Beijing’s King and Capital Law Firm.
“We need more training, especially for attorneys handling criminal cases, to help them put their knowledge into practice.”
Although they may have graduated from law school, some lawyers don’t know how to read case materials, how to collect evidence or even how to talk with their clients, she added.
Zou made the remarks on Friday during a seminar in Beijing organized by her firm.
She suggested the Ministry of Justice offer more training for lawyers, to help them better understand legal practices and how to defend suspects in court.
In France, she said, lawyers must go through a year of defense skills training after leaving law school before they can begin their career.
Fan Chongyi, a law professor at the China University of Political Science and Law, said helping more defense attorneys master such skills would make the country’s criminal justice system more professional and efficient.
“We have examinations to ensure whether a police officer can investigate a crime before they start the career, but we have no such test for lawyers,” Fan said at the seminar.
He suggested China’s law schools incorporate lessons on defense skills into course schedules, while law firms should also be encouraged to provide training.
King and Capital’s criminal division now puts its lawyers through written tests, interviews and mock trials before they are allowed to represent a client in court alone, according to Tian Wenchang, head of the law firm.


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