(China-119) Story of a young man who studied overseas, returned to China to start his own business!





SPECIAL NOTE: China is a very populous country of about 1.4 billion people…and whatever you make or create will sell…to meet the different likes and tastes of the enormous population. And this young man found his niche…doing something that is not completely new, but he makes the  things we use in our Chinese homes and kitchens new with his craftmanship! And this is new! He makes them the work of art…useful and practical art of common objects used in many Chinese kitchens! And he is now hiring more young people to work with him to create more objects of beauty and utility for China’s modern kitchens!  Steve USA August 20, 2018 stephenehling@hotmail.com     WeChat 1962816801


Overseas returnee turns craft into success on Taobao
chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2018-08-09

After losing 500,000 yuan ($73,312.72) over three years, an overseas returnee turned craftsman has finally begun to find fortune on Taobao.
Wu Yongqian, born in the 1980s in Daye, Huangshi city, Central China’s Hubei province, was fascinated by wood carving when he was a child, as his father and grandfather worked as craftsmen for decades.
After obtaining a master’s degree in illustration from an art university in the United States, Wu worked as an illustrator at a gaming company in the US.
Finding the work tedious and boring, Wu decided to return home and establish a design brand called “Senser” on Taobao, inspired by the revival of traditional Chinese art in 2013.
Wu formed an entrepreneurial team of three in 2015 and made a series of widely acclaimed artworks.
Although the works were praised through word-of-mouth, sales were not as good as expected. He lost nearly 500,000 yuan in the early years.
“Works should be not only beautiful but also useful, so they become popular among customers,” Wu’s father said.
Taking this lesson to heart, Wu started to make products for practical daily use such as tableware and tea sets. Sales of his products started to increase steadily.
Wu considers handicraft the most beautiful way to make wood products, and the process a dialogue between craftsman and wood. Each product is unique, Wu said.
Now the team has expanded to 12 and Wu’s team on Taobao has nearly 100,000 fans. “Senser” products have also been showcased at an international handicraft art exhibition in Milan.
Wu will also exhibit his work at a festival held by Taobao along West Lake in Hangzhou in September.
Wu said he would like to create more popular products for customers and combine the traditional with the modern to extend from traditional woodcarving craft to woodcarving artwork.


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