(International-117) New Zealand is doing the right thing not to sell houses to “certain” foreigners!



SPECIAL NOTE: I was in Malaysia to deliver a lecture, and escaped to Australia and New Zealand some time in 2017…I would never visit Malaysia again, the country of my birth,,,the heat is for insects, not humans! New Zealand government is smart enough to control its own destiny…look at British Columbia…the fucking CRAZY RICH ASIANS came in and bought the most expensive real estate there, and hurt the locals from buying and owning a home,,,look at many universities in USA, greedy for Chinese money, making many compromises, like lowering academic standards, to allow many Chinese students to attend their schools? What else is new in this century? USA is killing people every fucking day because the government, NRA would not support serious gun control laws, so the fucking Americans are dying everyday…when a government is paralyzed and unable to control its own destiny, we are in for shit trouble! And Americans seem fucking helpless to control its own destiny…Yes many Americans wanted to move to New Zealand after Trump was elected president! What a fucking tragedy we are going through now…yet many people are fucking blind to what stupid myopic Trump is doing to us and other leaders around the world…a shame to our American pride…whatever happened to our supremacy int he world, ONCE! and we are generously giving that position to China, rising slowly in the world of nations! Steve USA August 14, 2018   stephenehling@hotmail.com (My language…I will be graduating from The Tacoma Comedy Club August 27…it seems many stand up comedians use freely and generously the fuck language to get laughs from the audience, ahahahahaha! Simply irresistible for me to do the same! Vulgar or fuck language seems to dominate the language of many outstanding and popular comedians in USA!!!!!!) 


New Zealand bans sales of homes to foreigners

BBC News August 14, 2018

New Zealand is facing a housing affordability crisis
New Zealand’s parliament has banned many foreigners from buying existing homes in the country – a move aimed at making properties more affordable.
The ban only applies to non-residents. Australians and Singaporeans are exempt because of free-trade deals.
New Zealand is facing a housing affordability crisis which has left home ownership out of reach for many.
Low interest rates, limited housing stock and immigration have driven up prices in recent years.
 US applications for New Zealand citizenship jump 70% after election
 The lure of New Zealand for jaded Americans
Is it a total ban?
No, only non-residents are affected by the Overseas Investment Amendment Bill, which was passed in a 63-57 vote on Wednesday.
They are now banned from purchasing most types of homes – but they will be able to make limited investments in new apartments in large developments.
Foreigners with residency status in New Zealand – as well as non-resident Australian and Singaporean nationals – are not affected by the ban.
New Zealand’s Trade and Economic Development Minister David Parker described the passage of the bill as a “significant milestone”.
“This government believes that New Zealanders should not be outbid by wealthier foreign buyers,” he said.


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