(Personal-33) What is Quid pro quo?


August 8, 2018 usa

From the pen of Steve ling…

Life is full of comedy and tragedy…and this is tragedy because I have been told to stop reading the New York Times for free…it is time to pay some money if I want to continue to enjoy their reporting! And The Economist is also telling me YOU’VE REACHED YOUR ARTICLE LIMIT…who says there is free lunch in the world!

And I am too smart to be told that there is limitations in life…remember one of my 20 posters? It says When You Face A Mountain, you can sit there and stare, or you can go round it, climb over it, or dig a hole through it…so this is what I am doing with both The Economist and The New York Times, both are the best in what they do, reporting the world for you to understand and expand your knowledge and vicarious experiences.

So I just email a friend and ask him to go to the New York Times and ask him to email me that specific article. The same with The Economist…I would email a friend and do the same. That is why I have friends all over the world…why are friendships for? If you cannot rely on them to offer you a helping hand when you need one! Agree? Call it what you may, I know I am EXPLOITING OUR FRIENDSHIPS, who isn’t in this man-eat-man world we live in today! To me it is the principle of MUTUALITY AND RECIPROCITY…MEANING, you scratch my back, I scratch your back, or to use the fancy Latin phrase, quid pro quo!

Homo Sapiens are essentially a selfish being! Admit it…I love you means what are you giving me? Or what am I getting from you! I am a pragmatist…not idealistic like most young people today! Anyway, I just want to share a thing or two but quid pro quo!

Peace passion power,
Stephenehling@hotmail.com blog: https:getting2knowyou-china.com
Farebook: https:www.facebook.com/stephenehling weChat 1962816801

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2. The Economist


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