(International-109) Cat Cafe in Hungary?






SPECIAL NOTE: I was with a friend one night and he took me to a coffee shop somewhere in China…and there were cats there…not all are friendly…but there is a trend in the world…I am not sure about my country USA…animals are not CLEAN ANIMALS inside a place where they would serve drinks or foods! Hm! I love animals, but for CLEANLINESS, I doubt there will be cats or dogs in American restaurants, ahahahaha! Now it is spreading to Europe, in this Budapest cafe, ahahaha…I love cats, so it is fine with me. Enjoy the photos, steve USA july 30,l 2018 stephenehling@hotmail.com       WeChat 1962816801 


Enjoy a cat with your coffee at Budapest cafe

Enjoying a cup of coffee while petting a cat is a popular way to spend free time in Japan, but now the feline “invasion” has made its way to Hungary. In Budapest, two new cat-cafes have become big attractions.
It might be hard to tell who enjoys it more: the cats, or the customers. At “Cat Cafe Budapest”, besides drinking a cup of coffee or tea, customers can also enjoy the company of the 14 felines that live here.
The cats have free range over the premises, and rule the roost. Customers are free to pet them, but must also respect the house rules: do not disturb sleeping cats, and disinfect your hands before touching the animals.

Csilla Balotay, Co-Owner, Cat Cafe Budapest, said, “Customers can drink delicious coffee, eat cakes and sandwiches. And they can spend an hour or two relaxing with the cats. People and animals are good friends here.”
Anita Ignacz, Customer, said, “In other cafes, you are served, you drink, you talk, that’s it. Here, cats give you something additional. They walk around us, they sleep, they play here and there. This breaks the everyday routine. It’s nice to be here.”
Some customers even sit on the floor, just to be closer to the animals.
Csilla Balotay, Co-Owner, Cat Cafe Budapest, said, “Sometimes adults can act like children here. They are on the ground playing with our cats. We can say this is a playground for adults.”
Hungarians seem to like this kind of coffee shop, as yet another cat-cafe has recently opened up near the biggest park in Budapest.
It’s called simply “Cat Cafe” and here, other than playing with one or more of the 15 cats, there’s even more on offer.
Orsolya Halasz, Owner, Cat Café, said, “We organize game contests and talks. Right now, there’s an English lesson going on, and a birthday party.”
And you won’t find a traditional price list here. Clients pay an hourly fee of around 9 US dollars, which covers coffee, tea and home-made cookies. But you might need to watch over your shoulder – You can never tell when one of these furry friends will decide its playtime.

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