(Personal-31) My friend Andy Chang with his brothers operate the East Asia Supermarket in Tacoma, USA, the city President Xi Jinping of China visited two years ago!


SPECIAL NOTE: Just the other day, July 24, 2018, I visited the store to buy a few grocery items…Andy Chang has been operating this grocery store in the same area for many years,,,and relocated to this particular location as part of his expanding business from a smaller store to serve the Asian community…with variety of selections to serve the many people from South-east Asia, and also from Asia. Andy was kind to paste a promotion for my two books, both now available at Amazon.com: GROWING UP CHINESE (2017) and THIS IS CHINA (2018). After the Americans lost the war in Vietnam (yes, we lost the war to the communists from North Vietnam), many lucky Vietnamese, those who worked with the American government, were given a helping to come to USA. Andy and his parents, brothers and sisters had to struggle, not only to survive after the war, but how to immigrate to the United States…both their parents are alive and they can tell you the family story of their escape and the difficulties they faced as they tried to come to the United States! Today the Chang families are doing very well, with children graduating from American universities…all strong and healthy and continue to prosper because of hard work and determination. In 2016, Andy and his wife accompanied 100 high school students to visit China because President Xi had invited this special group of high school students to visit China…they are very involved in the community. Thank you Andy for allowing me to promote my books in your community! Peace, Steve USA July 26, 2018


602 sOUTH 38TH sTREET, TACOMA, wA 98418

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