MY PHILOSOPHY OF LIFE. Philosophy comes from two Greek words: love of wisdom. What is LIFE? It is what I want it to be. Do what I have to do to get where I want to be, my way. A FRIEND is someone who is always there for me, whether I am up or down, happy or sad, rich or poor. Ways to achieve HAPPINESS. Choose and spend time with happy people around you . Sow seed of happiness by opening oneself to others. TRUE HAPPINESS is unselfish giving and sharing. EFFECTIVE COMMICATOR knows How to talk, When to talk, What to talk, Why to talk. OPPORTUNITY is the door to allow me to pursue and exploit my full potential to be who I am today in America. I wish I was born an AMERICAN FRENCH POODLE. Not a poor boy in a poverty-stricken Chinese family. SLEEP not food is my PRIORITY. For many in the world, FOOD is top PRIORITRY. The sooner you identify your priorities, the quicker you realize your DREAM. LIFE is abundant with choices. Your CHOICES are limited because of your level of education and experiences. Therefore some are beneficial, others harmful. I refused to be treated like a BONSAI TREE. Your LIFE is like an empty apartment. With imagination, resourcefulness, creativity, organizational skills and experiences, you can create your living PARADISE which is truly an extension of who you are…sui generis. Life’s images through a kaleidoscope continue to change and evolve with a variety of brilliant colors…LIFE IS NEVER THE SAME. The children in the world are like BONSAI TREES. The pride and joy of many years of attentive and diligent shaping and pruning by their caring parents to be who they are today. China has the most membership in the Ostrich Club. “I know nothing about the government.” GOD helps those who help themselves? True because we humans persist in creating problems for ourselves…so we hold the keys to solving them! When facing a hill, you can sit and stare at it, cut a hole through it, climb over it, go round it. How we INDIVIDUALS, shaped by education and experiences, respond proactively to events and circumstances around us will determine our happiness, growth, self-esteem and maturity. Stop blaming the world for who we are today. Ways to be healthy: More laughter, Less anger, More walking, less driving. WATCH how a child learns his first language: he listens, imitates and repeats. Do the same with zeal and purpose. NOTHING IS FOREVER. LIVE, EXPLOIT, SHARE LIFE WHILE IT LASTS! By Stephen Ling, author, CRAZY AMERICANS, GROWING UP CHNESE and THIS IS CHINA.

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