(China-102) President Xi’s TEA DIPLOMACY


SPECIAL NOTE: Of course, if you visit a family or a friend, very likely there is a big TEA SET waiting for you in the center of the living room. And the host will make you some hot Chinese tea, the ceremony is there, but not as elaborate as the Japanese Tea Ceremony for distinguished guests! I am used to it…and you SIP THE TEA from very small cups, you do not DRINK the tea! But China is now facing a crisis of sorts…cultural crisis because there is a hot debate and conflict between coffee houses and tea houses…coffee houses tend to be western, like Starbucks, and tea houses are of two kinds, the traditional Chinese tea houses and the modern tea houses trying to compete with western coffee houses. Old Chinese are loyal to their culture of drinking tea and serving to their guests…but the young professionals like the western coffee houses, reasons only they know. Coffee houses in China are not cheap, you need the money to throw away to go there! So the war is on…new Chinese tea houses try to imitate the western coffee houses…we will see! Anyway, as President of |China, President definitely would like to impress his foreign guests the Chinese culture and the role of tea in our daily lives…maybe Stupid Trump can introduce the American BBQ to his western guests, like his friend the Russian Putin! Steve, July 20, 2018 USA















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