(China-102) President Xi using TEA in his conversations with world leaders

SPECIAL NOTE: Granted Chinese tea is everywhere in China. When you visit a family, right in the living room, there is an expensive TEA SET in front of you and the host will serve you hot tea (he will make it in front of you)…so tea is everywhere in China. Of course, you want tea and the tea ceremony, for that you have to go to a Japanese place, etc. Japan is known for its tea and elaborate tea ceremony!! You can find that in China, if you have the money to squander! But recently there is a hot debate in China: will China slowly become a nation of coffee drinkers? There is now a competition between coffee shops and tea shops and the tea shops are learning quickly how to serve the tea the modern way, to a younger crowd of young professionals, not so much the older folks in China, who will forever be loyal to a variety of Chinese tea, ahahaha! President Xi will introduce the Chinese tea to foreign guests (Stupid Trump could introduce the famous American bbq to his foreign guests!), but what about China itself…that he cannot do much to FORCE  Chinese to drink the Chinese tea! Maybe China should establilsh more traditional tea houses…as a place to drink and be entertained! Steve USA July 20, 2018 










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