(China-99) According to a report, more younger Chinese people are studying overseas


SPECIAL NOTE: NOTHING NEW TO ME, ABOUT SENDING YOUNGER PEOPLE TO STUDY ESPECIALLY IN usa…Canada is reporting many BIRTH TOURISTS from China…the same is true in USA…many parents somehow believe their children should become Canadian or American citizens when they grow up, so they are willing to give births to them in these countries…I am not sure about birth tourism in England or Australia, or any other English speaking countries, like Hong Kong, once a British colony! Some think many parents do not trust the future of China or the Chinese government and so they are doing this for the sake of their childlren and their future…not to live in China but in countries like Canada or USA! The Chinese government is aware of this, and they cannot stop the women from going overseas to give births to their sons and daughters! Stories are out many of these ‘foreign born’ kids will face many problems living and growing up in China until the age when they can decide to chose their future citizenship! Parents are not fully aware of the obstacles that will face these kids! Steve USA July 15, 2018



Chinese students pursuing studies overseas tend to be younger
(People’s Daily Online) 13:35, July 13, 2018

Chinese students are now studying overseas at a younger age, said a blue paper released on July 10.
The blue paper was jointly issued by the China Institute for Educational Finance Research of Peking University and Social Science Academic Press.
The blue paper surveyed 127,012 respondents from 40,011 households across 29 Chinese provinces, providing a comprehensive analysis of China’s “new normal” in terms of basic education.
According to the blue paper, in 2006, 14.87 percent of Chinese students studying in the U.S. were undergraduates, while 76.09 percent were postgraduates. However, by 2015 the trend had shifted dramatically, with undergraduate students making up 41.28 percent while those in postgraduate courses only made up 37.51 percent.
In addition, the number of Chinese students at U.S. elementary and middle schools increased from around 1,000 in 2006 to 33,000 in 2016. With the economic improvement across average Chinese households, more and more middle class families are now sending their children abroad.
Another major change is that Chinese people now consider overseas study as an important experience for their personal education, rather than merely a platform for seeking overseas jobs and migration.


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