(China-95) Yao Ming, the baskball man, graduated with a degree in Economics!


SPECIAL NOTE: I spent 7 years as a visiting professor in China and I heard very often this: if you can enter university, you will graduate automatically…to indicate that in China college education is not like the American universities, where you have to work very hard to graduate…not so in China…7 years taught me this: as long as you do what your teachers ask  you to do, anybody in China can and will graduate from the universities! The tragedy of Chinese education, all the way from the elementary to secondary to university…it is all about SPOON-FEEDING THE KIDS…STUDY THE MATERIALS, ANSWER ALL THE QUESTION USING THE MATERIALS, AND YOU WILL SUCCEED…MOST TIMES, YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO THINK CRITICALLY…I saw that in China for 7 long years! I call it SPOON-FEEDING THE KIDS! It is all BOOK-CENTERED EDUCATION, you do not need to think, just know the materials from page A to Z, and you will be ok, ahahahaha…so much so that many foreigners question the value of a Chinese phd, why? Because many so-called supervisors are about your age…they have not written much of anything in their names, they are nobodies, and imagine they are supervising phd students??? And also a lot of the research is not like research in the western countries, where you have to go somewhere to dig for information…for this and many other reasons, phds in China are being questioned by western scholars and institutions of higher learning…hm! You have to live and work in China to understand what I am saying…Peace passion power, Steve USA July 8, 2018 


Yao Ming graduates from Shanghai Jiao Tong University
By Xing Yi in Shanghai | chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2018-07-08 

Yao Ming, the former Chinese basketball star and NBA Houston Rockets center, received his bachelor’s degree together with some 3,300 graduates in the class of 2018 at Shanghai Jiao Tong University on Sunday.
Speaking at the commencement ceremony as a graduate representative, the 38-year-old recalled his past seven years of study after retiring from basketball in 2011.
“I had promised to my parents when I entered the CBA (Chinese Basketball Association) at the age of 17 that I would come back to finish college after I was done with my sportsman’s life,” he said. “If not for that promise, I might have quit several times, especially when I studied the course of advanced mathematics.
“But over time, I came to believe the process of learning is more important than the result,” Yao said. “Try to combine your own future plans with society’s development, because only by doing so will you give yourselves more room to explore.”
He graduated with a degree in economics from the university’s Antai College of Economics and Management.


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