(China-90) An African graduated in China…


SPECIAL NOTE: I once met a big group of college students from Sri Lanka (Ceylon) at Beijing International Airport…all with smiles on their faces, because “we are lucky to attend university in China for free…” Most people do not know that President Xi invites many foreign students to study for free in Chinese universities…after all the Chinese universities are owned and controlled by the Chinese government…this is a smart strategy how to win and influence friends from around the world…during their formative years in their lives…who knows some of these young people would become leaders in their respective countries, good for the future of China…China has long term plans…and they are doing it now, inviting many students to study in China…and many Africans are taking advantage of this generous gesture from President Xi…if you look at the British Commonwealth countries, many of their leaders had once studied in England…those were from the elite families in the colonies, but England opened its doors to many of the sons and daughters of the elite families in countries under British control…and President Xi is also doing it now, for the future of China…Steve USA June 29, 2018





African young man’s road to learning in China
By Wu Yong | chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2018-06-28

A 27-year-old African man known as “Hero” came from Congo. He had heard many Chinese stories during childhood and became interested in Chinese medicine, so he came to Shenyang Medical College six years ago to study clinical medicine.
As he learned professional knowledge, he also assiduously studied the Chinese language and now speaks Mandarin so fluently his classmates think of him as a China hand.
Hero is applying for a master’s program, so he can continue his studies in cardiovascular-related disciplines and strive to obtain a Chinese medical license to stay in China as a doctor. Hero said: “I hope to give my youth and knowledge back to my alma mater, Shenyang Medical College. I will return here as a professor and lead students like me into medicine, into China. I want to become a bridge for developing medical science and spreading the culture of China and Africa.”

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