(China-81) Gang trial in China? What gang?


SPECIAL NOTE: Look at the photo…this is not a typical gang in America…this is a gang of older, curel, bad, people who do horrible things to innocent people in a society and they deserve to be punished or die! Such people should not be allowed to roam the streets in China…most people already feel hopeless in a communist country and they do not need this kind of bad older adults to harass and bully them…I feel strongly about people like this, an old gang, and they have no part in a decent soceity like China. Sorry this is how I feel…the gangs in America? That is a whole different story! Xiamen, China May 10, 2018 


29 suspected gang members go on trial in Guangdong
By ZHENG CAIXIONG in Guangzhou | chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2018-05-10

Twenty-nine suspected members of a mafia-style gang went on trial in the city of Qingyuan, Guangdong province, on Wednesday in a hearing expected to last 15 days.
Zhou Youde, the alleged ringleader, suspected key members Su Jianping and Su Jianhua, and other gang members have been charged with illegally organizing a secret society and criminal gang.
They also face charges of drug trafficking, running secret casinos, monopolizing local markets, provoking disputes, organizing gang fights, illegally owning weapons, robbery, harboring criminals, extortion, sabotaging production and business operations, destroying evidence, intimidation, illegal mining, fraud and bribing Party and government officials.
An investigation implicated the gang in two deaths, one serious injury and seven lesser injuries in gang fights. It also led to the suspects being accused of earning dozens of millions of yuan from illegally running secret casinos, illegal mining and monopolizing markets.
The open trial at Qingyuan Intermediate People’s Court attracted family members of the defendants as well as many residents and reporters.

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