(America-36) CHINESE WISDOM in 5 (or 6) posters – design by Jake JJ Chen








SPECIAL NOTE: The famous British scientist Stephen Hawking (he and I have a few things in common: homo sapiens, intellectual, thinker, male, with first name Stephen, etc) died recently and the next thing someone sent me a spectacular poster about him: 


and I started thinking…when Steve Jobs died, a poster came out about him, then the famous Playboy founder, Hugh Heffner, and now Stephen Hawking…strange about the after-death posters, why? Why wait until I am dead, gone and useless, why not made some posters now…in my case I will be going out to talk about my new book THIS IS CHINA and GROWING UP CHINESE…why not bring a few of my own distinctive posters about my thinking and share them with people while I am still breathing and kicking and enjoying my life…so Jake, my faithful friend in China and I started working on the posters…It is very cheap to print them in China but I am not sure I want the weight in my luggage…I will soon fly to Finland and Lithuania and UK to spend some time with my sister…Cost more to print them in USA but I have decided to print them in USA…the purpose? to spread my own thinking while I am still alive…and if the audience wants to donate some money for the poster, so be it, because I will continue to send and support Chinese students in China to pursue their education and career…my legacy in China. Make sense? But you have my permission now to print any of the posters and share them with your family or friends…Peace passion power, Ly Steve   Xiamen, China, April 7

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