(International-72) Once it was MADE IN USA, then MADE IN JAPAN, then MADE IN CHINA, now it is made everywhere in the world…because of WTO…



SPECIAL NOTE: Read this and think thrice before you think you can live without all the cheap MADE-IN-CHINA products in your house, ok? “US President Donald Trump has won lots of support for his slogan “Make America Great Again” and for his “Buy American, Hire American” rhetoric during his campaign. However, the hats, clothes, and flags printed with the slogans that were used for the campaign were all made in China.” Yes, in the 1940s USA became the top economic power in the world…remember THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING? Then in the 70s and 80s many in the car factories in Malaysia were speaking Japanese…my college friend Jean Paul visiting USA felt very insulted that he should carry home to Paris products made in Japan…we could not find what he wanted MADE IN USA…then pretty soon the shelves were suddenly taken over by MADE IN CHINA…the rich and poor rushed to the Walmarts in USA and filled every available space in their houses with all the cheap products MADE IN CHINA, ahahahaha…now? Suddenly there is quite a mix of products inside Walmart stores in USA…China now is facing lots of competitions from many Latin American countries and Asian and SE countries for shelf spaces in our stores in America…what is happening? They, the Chinese, blame it on LABOR COSTS IN CHINA…the migrant workers now refuse to work for you unless they are rightly and adequately paid for their sweat and tears, no more cheap labor! The workers in China are growing smart…land of milk and honey and opportunities for everyone and anyone willing to work for themselves…this is the most encouraging sign of today’s Chinese economy…it is a boom time for all able-bodied young men and women willing to sweat and try the markets, and many are doing well to feed themselves and have enough to enjoy life in contemporary China…thanks to President X Jinping, his goal the Chinese Dream, a dream for everyone to rise to the top no matter who or where you are in China today! And President Xi is spreading his philosophy all over the world through his Belt and Road Initiative…a win-win economic thinking and strategy for all who care to learn from China…President Xi is the man of the hour! Peace passion power, Steve   April 6 Friday, Xiamen, China



What would a world without “made in China” look like?
By Sun Wenyu (People’s Daily Online) 16:47, January 22, 2018

Products tagged with “made in China” have become an inseparable part of the world as China is gradually taking the globe with its incredible manufacturing industry.

Though Chinese products have already got rid of the image of low quality, there are still many foreigners, and even Chinese, who consider them a byword for cheap, low-end, and copycat commodities.

However, a recent Japanese TV show which conducted a survey on Chinese products has astonished those who looked down upon Chinese manufacturing.
At first, the respondents all expressed a demeaning attitude toward Chinese products, saying they’d never buy them. But obviously, the labels on their clothes which say “made in China” are indeed a slap in the face.

The TV show later did a test: Clear all the China-made products from a Japanese household. Four hours later, 619 pieces of Chinese products were removed, and even the clothes of the house owner had to be taken off.

As a matter of fact, Japanese not only need Chinese products when they are alive, but also after their death – over 90% of the coffins sold in Japan are made in China.

The US writer Sara Bongiorn who published a book titled “Without MADE IN CHINA” a decade ago also conducted a similar experiment in a bid to measure the impact of globalization on ordinary Americans.

She decided not to buy any products made in China for a year. At first, she was pretty positive about her decision, believing she could find substitutes from other countries. But she later proved herself wrong.

Rejecting cost-effective Chinese products, Bongiorn could only choose Italian-made sneakers for her children at the price of $68 per pair, and the Chinese counterparts were only $10.

Once she tried to buy a candle for her husband’s birthday, but failed to find one that was not made in China at six grocery stores.

At last, Bongiorn concluded in her book that “made in China” products are inseparable to American society, since the inconveniences of living without them are a huge cost.

US President Donald Trump has won lots of support for his slogan “Make America Great Again” and for his “Buy American, Hire American” rhetoric during his campaign. However, the hats, clothes, and flags printed with the slogans that were used for the campaign were all made in China.

Today, with the arising awareness of brands and improving demand for quality, “made in China” has gradually shaken off the label of cheap, copycat products, and is winning a reputation for competence.


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