(China-72) Old people should not have sex in China: an email

Stephen Ling
18910 80th Ave Ct E
Puyallup, Wa 98375

June 8, 2017

My dear Aaron:

Something you said really disturbed my intellectual and emotional thinking: that old people should not talk about sex or be interested in sex.

I find this to be a problem in China after living and working there for 7 years.

It is so sad that young people think grandpas and grandmas should not indulge in sexual activity or that after 50 years old, they should not touch or be involved in any sexual activity. That is your problem and the problem of many youth in China.

Where do you get the idea sex is ONLY for the young people? That is your problem and that is the problem of your thinking. Look at the happy old people in the west…it seems very obvious to me they have great sex and continue to enjoy sex. Look at China, many people in their 50s and 60s look fucking sad to me…obviously sex is gone and their culture tells them they should not enjoy sex anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You should study more about sexual activities of older people in different cultures. Obviously your mind and thinking is obsolete and outdated…you need to read more about so called old people and how many continue to enjoy sex and that is why their lives are happy…you can see this in the west, especially in America!!!!

You are simply out of date, Aaron, improve your knowledge and thinking, ok????

I must write this to re-educate your boring mind and lack of understanding of human sexuality…
As long as you are alive, sex is for all people no matter their age or culture! Get it?

Peace love happiness,
Ly always,

America June 8,2017


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