China: home sweet home – 8



Xiamen, China
April 4, 2018

To whom it may concern…strange trying to thank a ghost
or a stranger who sent me the covers of my new book…
so who are you, anyway, and how can I thank you for sending
me the covers of my new book! did remove my book for a while in their website because I was very upset with their version of my book covers (front and back)…not their fault because I was not fully aware of their requirements for the cover designs and I had ignored it because I was a computer illiterate! They sent out the first copy and I was simply horrified that they would do it, knowing or not knowing, the cover designs were incomplete. I demanded to correct the mistakes Amazon said, according to some friends, that the book was sold out or something…anyway, the book is now back on the shelves, so to speak and it is available to the public: go to and get a copy of THIS IS CHINA. 

There is much to be written about China and it continues to
amaze me with the events unfolding each day…to intrigue and surprise
me to no end! though i am presently involved in wring a novel about love
and sex in China, there are events that continue to enlarge and increase my
understanding and appreciation of the miracles happening everyday in
China. Jake and I just went to have a small Chinese meal, and I saw a lady
selling pieces of home-make deep-fried snacks by the curb of the road…she seems
very happy doing her thing to make a few bucks for herself and family.
when i came out of a store, she was gone…Jake said she had sold everything
she had made for the evening! this is the hope and future of China…each person
trying to find her or his niche in the complex economic world of modern
China…yet there is room for anyone and everyone who desires to do
something, no matter what…in the words of the famous Stephen Hawking:
No matter how bad life may seem to you but everyone can do something and succeed in it. 




 If he could do it despite all his mental and physical handicaps, there is hope for you and I, and the rest of this world.

Thanks for sending me the cover designs of my book.
Do I know you?
Peace passion power, Steve
China April 4

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