China: HOME SWEET HOME -7 an email to Mitch, reader and editor of my last book THIS IS CHINA…

Xiamen, China, April 3, 2018
No news is good news, so they say…what is up Mitch, I hope all is well your end of the world since I have not seen any kind of communication from CreateSpace, nor anything from you…so do I assume all is well in paradise? Check and see if THIS IS CHINA is on the bookshelf, ahahaha

Let me know ok, so I can sleep in peace…at the moment things are pretty normal and quiet in China, other than some rumblings about the summits between Japan and USA, USA and South Korea, North and South Korea, and the summit between the two biggest idiots in the world Kim Jung Un and Donald Trump, the summit of two ignorant heads of the world, ahahahaha!

At least this is what North Korea has been fighting for, recognition by USA and USA now gives it to him, and that is what he is all about, to be treated like equals on the world stage, his dream achieved…Trump? What will he achieve, essentially nothing from a country that does not have much to offer to the world, ahahahahaha...

North Korea is not China, China is not North Korea, and North Korea does not have much to offer to the rest of the world…except threatening world peace by staging hardware for the next world war! Suddenly we are seeing the idiot in North Korea more on the news, for good and not his wasteful spending on hardware for the next world war! Suddenly USA and South Korea are giving him a name and an ugly face to be on the world stage…honestly speaking what will USA gain if we should go to war with that ugly face idiot in North Korea!

At least you have reasons to fight and kill in the middle east, etc, but North Korea, what do you plan to get from this poverty-stricken land on this earth?


but this is to Nororea’s gain, world is now focusing on the country, for what? nothing much…China has what the world needs, labelled MANUFACTURER OF AND FOR THE WORLD! since the 90s, removing MADE IN JAPAN from our selves…THOUGH BECAUSE OF LABOR COST, MORE OTHER COMPETITORS HAVE ENTERED THE GLOBAL MARKETS from countries, like VIETNAM, Honduras,  CHILE, INDIA, PHILIPPINES, ETC ETC ETC ETC

this is the meaning of GLOBALISATION…be part of the global economy, the present reality, for sure…peace passion power, STEVE Xiamen, China April 3 

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