(China-67) First Smart Hotel in Chengdu, the gay capital of China


SPECIAL NOTE: Nothing could stop anyone in China today to exploit every opportunity to make money and money! And so it did not surprise me that someone got the idea to start Smart Hotel…in fact Japanese style love hotels are in many major cities in China, with minimal workers or people to run the place…you go inside one of these love hotels, everything done with your cards, and in your room, you can discreetly order whatever that thrills your mind or body…you will not see anyone…the same with Smart Hotel…use your ID and you are in for the night! I am curious how much they charge you for this kind of new hotel? Quick and simple…another one of these do-it-yourself thing…like sharing bicycles, or cats in China today. Nothing is for free…how much? Peace passion power, Steve China March 27


‘Smart hotel’ unveiled in Chengdu
chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2018-03-26

With the vast population of mobile internet users, online booking for hotels is not something new. A smart self-service hotel was recently unveiled in Chengdu, capital city of Sichuan province. Compared to traditional hotels, customers can check in easily on a self-service terminal with their ID card and facial recognition, and there is no human service required. There are 24 rooms in this hotel; however, only three staff members are employed: a hotel manager and two security guards.
The “smart hotel” is an anticipated hotel operation model, embodying a high-level revolution in traditional hotel sector and solving problems such as high cost and shortage of human capital, Wang Yi, a professor at the School of Business Administration of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, told China News Service.


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